Daily Archives: May 22, 2012

I Have So Much on My Mind


I really do not know how to express all that has built up inside of me, especially since I can not type my thoughts out as fast as I can think them like I could before. So many mixed emotions right now, I just… I am at a loss for words.

Progress – April 2012

Second Hospital Trip With MS in 2012


Well, yup… Yup… Already went back to the hospital. Half a year has just about passed and I didn’t even realize it because it’s just been so rough. My life was ripped from me this year and I have been struggling to find my way since January. I instead found my way back into the hospital but this time for just a few days and this time I am actually glad I went for several reasons (which I will get to shortly). Before you read on I should note that I am in fact back home already haha so no worries…