Re-Relapsing… AND Falling Apart.


Well right now I am re-relapsing, never even got over the first one that landed me in the hospital and already I am flaring up again. I can no longer walk as my balance is just horrible, I can’t tell where I am in time and space and I have horrible vertigo. I am growing a tad weak as well so I am back in the wheelchair, YAY… Fine motor skills are gone so once again I am typing with one finger in each hand like a child, wait, children can type faster than this. Losing my vision again as well as sensation in my lower and upper extremities. Sometimes I am numb and sometimes I am in pain, sometimes both. Oh yeah my favorite, I am slurring my speech again. So if you catch me trying to walk and talk you would probably think I was drunk since I can take maybe three steps before falling AND I simply SOUND drunk…

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