Monthly Archives: May 2012

Multiple Sclerosis and Vision Loss

OK so today I want to talk a bit about vision loss with Multiple Sclerosis, at least MY MS. Not sure if it is like this for everyone else because I can not look at the world through their eyes. So the following pictures are kind of how I see things. They are not spot on but after checking them out you should get the basic idea…

Progress Update – All I Want


Yes, I know, I said I would work on telling everyone about my first hospital stay and I don’t think I did, did I? There is just so much to say, I am going to take a while to write it, maybe… Either way I am working backwards and with my new memory, that is not good. So for now, let me give you another progress update.

We Only Fear the Unknown…


Life tends to throw odd things at us, new things, unknown things. We as people tend to fear these things… It’s human nature to fear the unknown… What is even worse is that when we are afraid we make stupid decisions… Snap decisions. Fight or flight. Some of us throw our fist up in the air and some of us run to safety. Human nature… It’s maddening because when we follow this instinct we often get hurt either way, we often loose sight of what really matters in our lives because rarely do we really need to survive a situation… I am sure no one has a clue as to what I’m talking about, good, just think about it, how ever it may apply to life. I do not know what will happen but it sure is scaring me… Time to jump right??

Super Post-Hospital Multiple Sclerosis Update (Video)


OK, today I want to do a really good update and try to iron everything out because I feel like everything has been all over the place, everything is so un-organized!