Progress – Walking and Fine Motor Skills (VIDEOS)


Well, I know it has been a while so let’s see where I am at with the walking. Now this is the best I can do so that does not mean I am doing this 24/7. I’ll try to explain in the video.

I also know I have not done anything on my fine motor skills, messed that one up because I didn’t capture the progress, arg… I was focused on my walking…

2 Responses to Progress – Walking and Fine Motor Skills (VIDEOS)

  1. sleekcartim says:

    Matt i cant beleieve your bouncing back so fast! Im sure it's cuz you know how to take of urself & your so young. pretty soon were gonna have to declare you cured! do at least 20 mins (takes that long for the process to even start) in the sun, preferably naked LOLZ

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    well if this was just me in a normal state than that would be one thing but this is just a frreekin exacerbation what the heck! Still I know I could be doing worse…

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