Progress – Prednisone and Swank Diet


I just wanted to leave a marker on my blog so I could keep track of when I started my steroids and my diet. I started oral steroids (from what I had left over from a while ago) on Tuesday, APRIL 3, 2012 and I was at about 80 mg working my way down towards 10 mg over the course of about 10 days… I know it’s fast but I have done it before so no worries…I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TAPER TO ANYONE ELSE NOR SHOULD YOU ADMINISTER ANY KIND OF PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION TO YOURSELF WITHOUT SPEAKING WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST!

I believe I started working on my diet on August 5, 2012 but it’s been such a slow transition that there is not really an official date to go off of, it is just around there. I will be working on the Swank diet which you can find information on by clicking HERE.

Oh yeah, I had my first neurology appointment outside of Kaiser on Thursday and that went okay… We’ll talk about that later… I had my psych evaluation for Social Security on Friday and I’m not sure how that went…


So far so good!

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