I Hate Feelimg This Tired


 Hey everyone…. I am having such a hard time right now. I am just so exhausted. I can never get enough sleep and the more sleep I get the worse I feel, makes me almost want to start back up on my coffee habits but no, no, stupid thought, I need t do more research on ways to battle fatigue when I can, it’s just so hard.

I have felt depressed, and it’s not situational, it’s a chemical thing so that is hard to manage. Well, wait a minute, it started off like that but then my many crappy situations added to it. I can not keep it all under control like I usually can, I hate it!

As far as my physical symptoms go, well, all I will say is I am so dizzy I keep leaning into walls and counter tops. Getting around is becoming very hard because of this, even though my walking is so much better! ARG! Hands are still kind of numb but I could care less. Vision still sucks especially with the dizziness but once that goes away I’ll be able to maintain myself a bit easier so fingers crossed.

Sorry my blog is falling apart but so am I and I have to take care of me first and then everything else. So I may disappear here and there. Life is not consistent, it blows… I’ll try my best though but I am so dizzy and I can not see and I am a cognitive wreck. Ill talk to you all later!

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  1. So sorry, Matt. I hope things improve soon.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    We slall see haha thanks

  3. MS Cherokee says:

    Matt, you are going through a rough time right now with your health and with all the added stresses in your life, it's just too much and it sucks. I so hope things calm down for you soon and please take care of yourself first before worrying about anything else. The blog and everything else can wait until you feel better. Wish I lived closer, I'd try to help you out anyway I could. Just know we're all here for you and care…and we do get it. {hugs}

  4. Anonymous says:

    I'll pray that God will help you, Matt! I am so sorry for what you are going through.

  5. Matt Allen G says:

    Thanks guys, trying to take it easy but blogging helps keep me sane sometimes haha

  6. Anonymous says:

    Matt, you can have coffee. Coffee is an antioxidant — antioxidants are very good for you. They help the blood-brain barrier to not break down. Dark chocolate in high percentages and tea also good, along with fruit.

  7. sleekcartim says:

    There are all kinds of homeopathic & even western medicine remedies for most any symptom MS ppl have (ive sent you emails about them). The trouble is fatique beats us down so bad we dont have the energy to deal with it. Matt, sorry to have to tell you this, but sounds like you need to ask for help. theres NO shame in that. I know what extreme fatique feels like… get help from parents, local MS group, home nurse etc… in the mean time we can all send positive vibes your way!

  8. sleekcartim says:

    5 hour energy works well for me. easy too make, just open the bottle lol. it's actually good for you too.

  9. Antoinette says:

    I do understand Matt I am kinda in the same position with the cognative and the fatigue myself and my blog has been forgotten for a few gotta take care of me. Stay up we will all be here when u feel better.

  10. Matt Allen G says:

    Sorry for late reply, been rough! I can't do coffee anymore because the caffeine gives me REALLY BAD RLS… 🙁 I get plenty of help luckily but its STILL hard…. I miss independence hahaha….. ugh….

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey Matt,

    Hang in there. I have had MS for 20 years (diagnosed anyway). I understand how you feel. Even as I type, I am under going an exacerbation. I eyes are bad, hard to see, raging headaches, numb feet/hands. I feel so tired I can't stay awake!

    I have been on beta seron, coxone, etc. I stopped taking that junk 15 years ago. It was the best thing for me as apparently these drugs caused depression. Just what I did not need.

    I elected to change everything I knew. I changed my diet first. No more processed food (ever). I forced myself to get CONSISTENT 8-10 hours of sleep per day (to heck with every one else).

    I made a deal with my work to allow me to work from home on Fridays so I could get an extra hour of sleep.
    No more working all night, or playing video games, etc. Sleep.

    And, I took up bike racing. Being outside in the sun helped a lot! The violent surges in bike racing helps to release Human Growth Hormone with helps healing!

    I feel way better and can survive with this. Small trade off…extreme workouts/diet or hang on the vine waiting for the day to end.

    My brain scans look like swiss cheese! I have short term memory loss and can't remember things sometimes.

    These life style changes have helped me, I am drug free, and much happier.

    If you ever need some one to converse with, you can send me an email at Vvansuch@yahoo.com. Please, serious conversation only. It is my hope that someday I can help others that have this disease.

    Hang in there…you can beat it!

  12. Matt Allen G says:

    I forget things all the time, I forgot what I was going to say to you as I do not do well with "long" messages any more… Pathetic… Oh, and Swiss cheese as in black holes??

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