Progress – Steroids Make Matt Angry! Roid Rage!


Let’s do a progress update shall we? If I had to some up the last few days with one word it would be “irritable“… I have done a pretty good job maintaining my irritability for the last couple of months while I have been on Prednisone but it seems now that my roid rage is starting to kick in. Maybe it’s because this is the first time I have taken 100mg of oral Prednisone but that is not all that much more than the 80mg I usually take. Either way I have been grumpy and I don’t like it!

For a while I felt rather care free but now I am slipping back into that “everything annoys me” kind of mood which is kind of depressing because I honestly felt happy for a while and now I am right on the edge of slipping back into my miserable state of being. People, noises, websites, the weather, everything! It’s all starting to drive me nuts again! I’m maintaining my balance though and I plan on falling back into a fluffy chair of happiness rather then falling forward over a cliff leading in to a pit of misery. I want to taper off this stuff already but if I go too quickly it will only make things worse! It’s just hard sticking with it because the Prednisone is hardly doing anything to clear up my symptoms although, there is no telling if things would be worse for me had I not taken them. My facial numbness cleared up a little bit but not all the way, that’s about it….

So just trying to stay calm and not let things get to me, got to maintain my control, and also maintain what ever space I need, something I was not all that good at in the past. Slow, slow, slow, that’s the way to go. Trying to focus my attention on building up my blog and making it a more useful tool for my readers which has been keeping me rather busy. I did some updating on my “Basic Knowledge” page which is starting to look better, has all but one article up, and has been revised with some more current writing, so check that out, those articles could use some comments and activity to encourage more new comers to read and learn! Help me help them!

Aside from my almost obsessive blogging I have been doing in the last few days I am also trying to get my photography back on track but to be honest I have not had has much interest in that as I have had with my writing for what ever reason. I had a photo-shoot today but looks like the rainy weather will be putting that on hold. I did add my gallery of photos from my Forest Falls trip the other day, check that out by clicking HERE. Leave comments please, it will make me happy! I could use that right now!

I’ll leave it at that but I do want to mention that yesterday was my Dad’s birthday, 42! I have young parents I know! We went out to dinner, Italian, came home and watched Jon Stewart and Colbert, did cake, and then chilled! I think he enjoyed himself so just wanted to make my Happy Birthday announcement because if it was not for all the hard work he puts into supporting our family I would not be as healthy or stable as I am today! I’ll leave it at that! Make sure to check out my revised “Basic Knowledge” page and my photo gallery of my Forest Falls day trip from the other day, leave me comments and cheer me up! THANKS!

(Matt’s Mom and Dad 1-14-2012)

4 Responses to Progress – Steroids Make Matt Angry! Roid Rage!

  1. sleekcartim says:

    yikes! sounds like someone needs a joint! just warn others around you that your taking roids & you will be an angry lil matt. puff puff. can you use a webcam to do vids?

  2. sleekcartim says:

    p.s. Happy B day dad! what sign are you matt?

  3. I'm sorry but that frowny face made of pills made me chuckle 😛 Sounds like you're very aware of what is caused by the roids and what isn't, definitely a good thing. Sounds like you've got things planned out fairly well, I hope it'll work out well (sounds to me like it will though). Take care of yourself, and a happy belated birthday to your dad 🙂

    Word verification: jejitfou. Sounds like ju jitsu to me, work out some frustration with some martial arts! HIIYAAAAAH! *karate chop*

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    Lol don't smoke and my webcam does not work, BOOOOO. Ill figure it out though.

    And yeah haha, I never want to make people feel bad so if it made you chuckle then good! Im just expressing that steroids can be a grumpy mean thing haha!

    Word verification? Does it require one when you post??? I don't want that, I hate it so I don't wont to make other people use it! Haha…..

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