Progress – New Doctor at Loma Linda!

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OK, so after who knows how long it’s been, it’s official, I am going to Loma Linda! Now, I know I talked about HOAG for a while but unfortunately with the weird rules of my new insurance I can’t go there because I have to live or work within so many miles of what ever doctor I see and Hoag is too far. So I shifted my attention back to the Loma Linda University Medical Center. I set up my PCP there and once I see her I will ask for a referral to the MS specialist they have there. I have heard it’s hard to get in with him but his nurse practitioner is pretty well known all around for being really good so I am so hoping that this will turn out to be a positive experience for me.

I did as much research as I could on all the available family doctors at Loma Linda and I chose Dr. Susan Saucedo because she went to UCLA where they are pretty ahead in the research department of medicine, she did her residency at Kaiser and ironically in her profile description she wrote “Dr. Saucedo brings with her a passion for health equity with a particular interest in social determinants of health.” Wonder if that interest came before or after spending time at Kaiser haha? Anyways she seems to be really interested in keeping up with the latest in education and since she is young she should be rather open minded rather then set in her ways which is what I need and want. So I look forward to meeting her!

Anyways, just waiting for things to clear in the system with my insurance so I can make an appointment with her. Need to get in ASAP with this flair up and all. Increased my Prednisone up to 100mg (never went past 80mg before) and would have gone up more but don’t have anything to protect my stomach. So should be under care of someone for that plus I have had a weird chest congestion issue for a couple of weeks and my mom had brought up walking phenomena so that is something I should be checked for as the Prednisone could have very well made me susceptible to some kind of virus that made it into my lungs. Probably nothing but better safe than sorry right?

Speaking of Prednisone I slept horribly last night. Fell asleep OK but had very active dreams and then woke up wide awake at 4am! I wanted to get up but I knew I needed more rest or else I would pay for it later. Took me an hour to fall back asleep and than I got up at 8am. I kind of look forward to the extra energy, no one likes fatigue, but I am really worried about braking out. Haven’t had much of an issue so far but it can get bad for me, I mean, painful all over the chest, back, and of course the face. Don’t want to start school that way. Did I mention I got both the classes I wanted for this coming semester? I like this priority registration thing, thank you Disabled Student Services! Haha. After this semester Ill just have to take two anatomy classes, one semester each, then I can apply for the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Santa Anna, it’s a two year program, after that no more being broke! Haha soon, soon, soon.

Anyways, that’s it for now. No changes in symptoms really so yeah fingers crossed with the Prednisone. I’ll try to write a new article today so keep an eye out!

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  1. Jax says:

    Sounds positive! A new Dr sounds just what you need.

    I had walking pneumonia a year ago. I mistook it for an asthma attack and just stuck to taking prednisolone which wouldn't clear it on its own. Please do get checked, just incase.

    Can't wait to hear this new Dr is helping xox

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Well Prednisone would make it worse which is why I am kind of worried because I just increased my dosage. SO on one hand if I get worse I know what it may be, if nothing happens than I won't worry so much. Dr. House test haha!

    Anyways yeah I REALLY can't wait to go in!

  3. Jax says:

    Haha the legend!

    Seriously though, hope you do get it checked soon as your immune system will be low. If it is that, it's quick to respond to the right treatment. Or whatever is, hopefully it can be sorted. X

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    "Alright stop the Prednisone and start the patients of antibiotics" -Dr. House

    Lol… I am going to set up an appointment as soon as I can!

  5. Jax says:

    Good. I'll stop nagging��

  6. Matt Allen G says:

    Lol it shows you care so that's fine by me! Haha

  7. Gina Tenorio says:

    Matt, I just realized that your blog in on the Patch page because you mentioned Loma Linda.

  8. sleekcartim says:

    you know, ive never heard you mention liberation treatment CCSVI what are your thoughts?

  9. Matt Allen G says:

    Gina – HAHA nice!

    Sleecartim – I think it has some validity to it but most of us can not afford it so I don't focus on it, don't need another WANT in my life that I can't have any time soon.

    As far as the science goes, it may not be the cause but it could be the effect of something else that is causing more symptoms so by fixing the vein you are fixing the problem one step closer to the source rather then putting a bandaid on at the very outside of it all.

  10. sleekcartim says:

    it's all relative… what price would you put on quality of life? especially when ones situation gets worse & potentially permenent the longer one waits. That is powerful motivation. I see drug addicts with expensive daily habit that make it happen. money can be had in extreme situations. P.S. Go to food banks around you (per our other conversation).

  11. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeah your right, I was just having a similar conversation telling someone else the same thing. And food banks? I live with my parents haha I am well fed, I just need money to pick my car insurance and phone bill back up.

  12. moonkitty897 says:

    Hi! I tried to make an appointment with her since she took over the last neurologist @ Loma Linda I saw , Dr. Lekkala, since she left. However, she has a waitlist until April, so I'm on that too :/ This new insurance I have only lasts until Feb 29th, then it's back to kaiser again, ugh. So, in the meantime, I was able to schedule an appointment with a Neurologist at UC Irvine's Neurology on Feb 27th, hope that helps a bit for me. I mean, something's better than nothing. I hope you can get in ASAP though!

  13. Matt Allen G says:

    Man not Kaiser! Sorry you couldnt get in with Loma Linda in time! I bet US Irvine has some pretty good doctors though!

  14. moonkitty897 says:

    I hope so! 😀 It'd be awesome if I could get back into Loma Linda as well! They wouldn't say how long the waitlist was though :/

  15. Matt Allen G says:

    Stupid wait lists! I hate wait lists! Will keep my fingers crossed!

  16. Hachi says:

    I wanna punch that wait-list in the metaphorical face lol and thankies! I hope you get in swiftly as well ^_^

  17. Matt Allen G says:

    haha DO IT! Haha but thanks, we shall see!

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