Progress – I Love Forest Falls


Yesterday I took a day trip up to Forest Falls, my favorite place in the world. It is so peaceful, so healing! I spent some time taking pictures by the river and then we went and ate at a small Mexican food restaurant in town. After that we went back down to the river and I started collecting rocks for my nature assortment, or, “Zen Zone” back at home (See photo bellow)

I always feel really healthy up there, maybe it’s just a rush of endorphins from the joy or possibly the magic healing pours of the mountain air and water, I have no idea but I love it. I stopped by Gilmore Real-estate again and asked about their two bedroom homes for rent as I would love to move up there when I establish some reliable income one day. The woman gave me some listings and I drove by one to just look and dream and it was just awesome… If I was splitting rent with someone it would be pretty darn cheap and Forest Falls is just 15 minutes up the highway from town so it would be a great place for me to live. Get away from everyone and write in peace went I need it or drive right down the hill back to society when I feel secluded.

Anyways, upon getting home my legs did hurt pretty bad haha… They felt kind of jello-ie, maybe because I was climbing around on rocks and crouching down in weird positions to snap pictures. Either way, I had fun, it felt good, and I am happy with my nature assortment now that I have brought a piece of Forest Falls home with me! I’ll add more to it over time, one step at a time!


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  1. Matt Allen G says:

    Haha thanks. Followed your advice BTW —–>

  2. sleekcartim says:

    just so you know paypal charges fees to get $

  3. Anonymous says:

    It really does look beautiful up there Matt. You should be in the place that makes you feel well. Take care Matt
    Stephen Bleeker

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    Wait till I post my non-HDR photos! But yes, I think if I spent a year or two up there I could get some major healing done for sure!

  5. Matt Allen G says:

    And yes, I know all about their stupid fees from my motorcycle business days haha…. BOO!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt,

    It is great you found such a peaceful place. Keep taking your photographs Matt. Does you little zen space have a little running water? The sound of running water is very peaceful.
    bye for now, michelle
    p.s. i don't know what to select when writing, so for now I
    am choosing anonymous…

  7. Matt Allen G says:

    Yes it does! I am building it around a little fountain that I bought at the store. Soon it will have plants growing around it and it will be nice haha.

    You should be able to choose from a list of say Google accounts or even Twitter maybe. If you don't have one I recommend creating a google account really quick because it's easy and you can use it for everything, even youtube! My google account is just my yahoo email because it let's you fit anything into it to make sign up easy!

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