Multiple Sclerosis Symptom – Cognitive Fog Pt. 1

Today I wanted to take the time to describe a symptom that almost all Multiple Sclerosis Patients seems to have experienced at least once in their lifetime if not all the time, cognitive fog or “cog-fog” for short as we call it. This is an extremely frustrating symptom especially because most people just don’t know how to describe it or express how difficult it makes getting through the day. I’ll try to convert this symptom and the frustration associated wit it into simple words so that maybe you can relate, share this with someone you have been trying to explain this to, or identify an issue you sort of knew was there but really never knew what it was! 

So What is Cognitive Fog? 

Well a more technical term for the symptom would be “cognitive dysfunction” which is describing your inability to properly allow your brains cognition to run smoothly. Cognition is the process of thinking, planning, problem solving, focusing, recognizing people or objects, even language! 

So cognitive dysfunction, or cog-fog, can effect you in many different ways, it’s a very general term and may not even cover some of what you yourself are experiencing! Here are some of the more common issues people with MS have with cog-fog: 

  • Short term memory impairment 
  • Speech impairment (finding the right word 
  • Problems recognizing objects 
  • Difficulty learning 
  • Just feeling slow in general

Now again, this is a very broad symptom and can effect so many different areas of your brain it would be impossible to list all the possible effects because you can take each of those impairments listed above and brake them down into smaller more detailed impairments that can also be further broken down and/or branched out into other symptoms because each individual experiences each impairment a bit differently. Some people might have a hard time with names and be fine at remembering terms while others have the opposite problem. Some people might spend a minute staring at a toothbrush while their brain tries to identify the object and others may have never experienced that in their life but instead spend their time staring at a simple word that they simply can not remember the definition of. 

What Kind of Cog-fog Does Matt Experience? 

Since there are so many weird things I have heard of people experiencing and it would be nearly impossible for me to list them all (not just because of logistics but because I myself have memory issues) I will take the time to try to explain a bit of what I experience because more than likely, if you have MS, you have experienced something similar. In the comments below you can share your personal cognitive functions and I will create a Part 2 to this article going over some of the stuff I left out! 


My memory is horrible but in a very odd way. I have not studied this function of the brain in depth but I do know that memory is not believed to be stored in any one particular part of the brain in full, some bits of memory are spread out in weird places. So maybe this is why certain aspects of my memory are poor and others are great? It’s not just as simple as short term and long term although my short term memory is much more effected than anything else. 

Let’s look at some examples to better explain what I mean. Short term; I may leave my room to complete a task elsewhere and ten feet down the hallway I will forget where I am going and why I am going where ever it is I am going. If you give me a list of verbal directions I will most likely forget each step immediately. In fact, if you tell me anything at all and I am not making a conscious effort to remember what it is you are telling me I will probably forget it. I can be on the phone and talking about a single subject with a friend for half an hour, then the cat jumps up on my desk and knocks something over. I express my frustration and now I don’t remember what we were talking about for the last half an hour. 

It’s not that the information is not being stored, it’s that my brain is having trouble creating the right synapse to access that information because all it takes is one tiny thing to remind me where I was heading with my train of thought and then it all rushes back in. Without that reminder my brain can not find it’s way back down the right path of information to find that one single fact that it is looking for which is why I believe my long term memory is so much better. Those paths have been traveled so many times that my brain literally (for lack of better terms) has memorized them, etched them in stone, made them muscle memory. I may hear a song for the first time in years and I will be able to remember the lyrics without the slightest impairment. I can remember my way around town or my old school that I have not visited in over 8 years. It is burned into my brain. 

Speech and Communication 

This one is one of the most frustrating to me personally because I have always prided myself in speaking properly with a natural flow and I have always taken even greater pride in how I write as I view writing as very personal and artistic (not that I express that form of writing here on this blog haha). 

It started with my inability to find the right words. I knew what I wanted to say but it’s like part of my vocabulary had disappeared. I even knew the definitions of the words I wanted to use but I just couldn’t remember the words themselves! This makes holding a conversation very difficult, I mean, how could it not be when you can’t think of a word as simple as “because” or “identified”. Take a look at the “word clouds” below and maybe this will help you visualize the frustration. 

Let’s say that the sentence I want to say is “When I was at the store, the cashier told me that my credit card balance had exceeded the allowed limit”.


So above you can see the vocabulary used to spell this sentence out. With cog-fog it’s a little like trying to speak this sentence with part of your vocabulary missing. So now try to express that same sentence using only the words in this second cloud below and other words to try to substitute for the missing ones.  


Tough and frustrating isn’t it? And even if you did solve this issue with ease remember, you had to stop and think about it which makes you pause in the middle of a conversation plus, most the time half the words you are trying to find as a substitute for your missing vocabulary are missing from your vocabulary as well so not only can you not remember the word you are looking for but you can’t remember the next best word to describe that word! ARG! 

Written Communication 

Now as a writer I experience a lot of weird things here and there that most people may not ever notice but because I encounter them so often they have become a huge issue for me. When you speak you can hear your mistakes s you make them but when you write you are only thinking about what you want to say and have no way to confirm if you said it properly until you look back and read what you wrote. My days of writing a final draft essay from start to finish without the use of a rough draft are far gone. 

Right now one of my biggest issues when it comes to written communication is that I leave out all the suffixes to words even when I am consciously thinking about trying to not make that mistake. So if I thought I wrote “flooded” I would read back my sentence and notice that I wrote “flood”. All the “ed’s”, “er’s”, “s’”, everything, they are all missing so when I am done writing an article I have to go back and add them all in at the end. 

My second issue is that I replace similar words with each other. A common example is when I want to write something like “An elephant is in the room” I will replace “an” with “and” so it reads “And elephant is in the room”. “Or” with “to”, “miss” with “mix”, even “cat” with “car”. So when I am going back over my writings adding suffixes to empty words I also have to replace all the mistaken words like “conscious” with “cautious” you know? I also make many weird grammar mistakes that I never used to make as far as using the wrong words goes but I can’t think of any examples at the moment but trust me, I have said some weird things and those of you who are my friend on Facebook probably notice this all the time as I spend less time proofreading while in the middle of a chat. 

Recognizing Objects and Routines 

This is not a constant issue for me but this happens every once in a while and leaves me standing there thinking “wow, really?”. So sometimes for a split moment in time my brain will not recognize basic, everyday, objects or I will mix them up. For example, countless times I have entered the bathroom with the intention of brushing my teeth but rather then grabbing my toothbrush I will grab a shaving razor and begin applying toothpaste before realizing “wait a minute, this is not right…” 

Not sure what to categorize this with but it feels like a recognition issue so this is where I am listing it. There are also times where I will just forget the simple order of life. I will put the milk in the pantry rather then the refrigerator and the cereal box in the refrigerator instead of the pantry. I have even taken the trash from the kitchen to my bedroom before once again realizing “this is not right, it goes outside!”. 

And More To Come As Always!  

So that is a bit of what I have to deal with on a regular basis but since I have memory issues I guarantee you I left something out! Consider this the tip of the iceberg! So does the term “cognitive fog” make sense now? Dealing with all these tiny issues in real time slows you down and makes you feel slow up in the head. It feels as though you are walking through a room full of fog, your slow and disoriented and things just feel off somehow. Sometimes you can laugh about it and sometimes that one little thing happens that just sets you off the edge and makes you want to collapse into tears because you can no longer control who you are inside your body, the one place you thought you were safe from Multiple Sclerosis, your mind. 

If your experiencing cognitive issues the best thing you can do is try to stimulate your brain so that it continues to create new pathways. Play games that are based on puzzles, do word searches, crossword puzzles, read, write, download challenging games on your phone or iPod, anything that makes you think. Your brain is a muscle and needs to be exercised just the same! Sure there are medicatio0ns that can help with certain aspects but just like there are pills to help you gain weight you should try to do some of the work manually on your own, just works better that way. 

I would very much like to write a “Part 2” to this article because I know I am leaving a lot out and I know that you all will have lots to share. Please share your experiences with cog-fog below in the comments whether it is a symptom, a funny story, or a frustrating story. I am also interested in hearing about any medications you might be taking to help with these issues or any medications you have heard of that sound like they may help. If you don’t want me to mention your name when I quote you in my next article just post as “anonymous” or simply state that you would like me to leave your name out. 

I look forward to your responses! I hope that all is well out there!

44 Responses to Multiple Sclerosis Symptom – Cognitive Fog Pt. 1

  1. Oh Matt, you've done a fine job of explaining what Cog Fog does to you. I'm the same as you on a lot of these things. I remember when I was first diagnosed with MS almost a year ago, my mum come with me to an information session for the newly diagnosed.
    My mum said, well, I get all of those things sometimes. I said, yes but I'm only 46 and you're over 70, and I get them often, not sometimes.
    I'm going to post a link to this blog post on my Facebook page, because it seems important to let my friends know what my life is like.
    I use my writing, especially poetry to keep my mind ticking along. It helps me to stay motivated in my weird life.

    Thanks Matt, I appreciate you and your words!

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Thanks for the compliments, I am going to try my best to really describe the common MS symptoms we deal with in such a way that if you wanted you could show it to someone and try to help them truly understand what it's like to get in a pair of MS shoes. So hope it helps you open some eyes!

  3. linda barry mac manus says:

    Thanks Matt.. this is such a hard symptom to describe and u have done so, so wonderfully

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    I try haha! Maybe Part 2 will be more intimate if I can get some input from people!

  5. sleekcartim says:

    well matt we have chatted at length bout this, here are some experiences for others too. recently i got a disability lawyer, she got angry with me for interupting her too much. tried to explain the reason is im gonna forget my point. now she thinks im combative / defensive, bad risk to go in front of DIS judge. I had 2 doc appointments back to back down the hall from eachother. I couldnt remember anything the 1st doc said during my 1st appt when 2nd doc asked how it went. sometimes i have to read simple instructions on microwave meals several times cuz i would forget what to do by the time i put the box down, to put meal in microwave. i totally forget what im walking into a room to do. i forget phone numbers, names, even of ppl ive known long time. my neuro examined me for long time, asks me tons of questions about half of which i couldnt answer (from memory loss) he was frustrated, but didnt add cog fog in his report, i totally forgot to call him on it. timelines are very bad for me to remember. i was off by 2 YEARS for my 1st ER visit which hurt my Disability case cuz hospital didnt go back far enough for records. It's obvious when you watch my youtube vids that i have cognitive issues, you can tell my brain is working slow, lotsa UMMs, pauses, mixed up words, odd wording, phrasing (word search & mix up). I strongly suggest you bring someone to advocate for you at every examination, meeting etc… where it's important to acurately portrait your situation. cuz i GUARANTEE you WILL be wrongly judged by those who are not familar with this condition. I have a feeling this is why MS ppl have a hard time getting on disability.

  6. Matt Allen G says:

    You mentioned several things that I wish I would have mentioned about myself like the timeline thing, I am completely chronologically impaired, can't even remember what I did yesterday, to figure that out I would have to sit down and really investigate myself haha! I also forgot to mention that sticky notes are my best friend, they are everywhere in my room! Time to start copying and pasting some of this to get it ready for part 2, mind if I quote you?

  7. Great descriptions Matt! I get cog fog through Fybromyalgia rather than MS, when it's bad I'm pretty much useless. Nothing more frustrating than being too impaired by a symptom to even be able to rant about it properly! 🙂

  8. Rosie PL says:

    Brilliant!! So well written Matt….

  9. Feverant says:

    Shot bro! Epic read this one! I think it's going to be a read in progress.

  10. sleekcartim says:

    quote whatever u want. also i always have the feeling like im screwing up somehow, but not sure how… im constantly trying to go back in my memory to make sure i didnt foget to call someone, or send a medical form, did i just take that pill (a minute ago)??? or or or… weird. guess i should get sticky notes to help with this anxiety. also my motivation is SHIT. I sit around blankly watch TV in a brain fog. I feel paralyzed when i think of what i have to do, like calling, meeting, scheduling appts etc… esp dealing with ppl i dont wanna deal with (which is most of em). dont wanna leave house much etc… but thats prolly depression F'n with me.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Another well written article Matt – I can't wait for Part 2! I love the visual of the sentence – that's exactly how it feels to me but I cannot put it into words – imagine that. I have a knack for replacing similar words or using replacement words when I just cannot remember the name of something common. Sticky notes and notes in general are my best friends.

  12. Matt Allen G says:

    "Nothing more frustrating than being too impaired by a symptom to even be able to rant about it properly!"

    That's…. Not funny because it is so true, well put!

    And Sleekcartim, yes, I feel as though I am constantly forgetting something as well but that's because I probably am, I have learned to not let it bug me AS MUCH because I used o be that guy who when I lost something I couldn't stop looking for it not because I NEEDED it but because I just wanted to find it!

    Sticky notes! And MS must have! Haha!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Every thing that is said in here happens to me. I even avoid responding to posts because of it.

  14. Matt Allen G says:

    Man sorry to hear… It's so freekin frustrating when you want to say something, you know WHAT you want to say, you just can't say it….

  15. Anonymous says:

    I hate cog fog so bloody much. It made last semester hell, but it really showed me how much my short term memory is affected compared to my long term. If we were covering something in school that I had learned a few years prior, I'd be fine. Once we started covering new material, I was lost. Normally, if I just read something I'm fine, I get it. This time, I would read a piece of text, turn to jot down a note about it, and by the time I had grabbed my pen I had completely forgotten what I had read. Every time I went to write a test, it was like I hadn't heard of any of the content before, no matter how many times I studied. Each study session, it was like learning the same material from scratch over and over again. Don't even get me started on essay writing (I used to love it but it's becoming a nightmare now). How I managed to pass is beyond me.

    I'm always forgetting where I put my phone (which makes me panic since I rely on it so much), even if I just put it in my pocket a minute ago. I misplace things (especially in the kitchen for some reason), and screw up speaking. I use the wrong words, or completely mix up normal sentence structure so nothing makes sense. I wasn't even aware that I was using inappropriate words until it started popping up in my writing (the first time I noticed it, I had used the word "cat" instead of "egg"). Thank you for writing this Matt, it's a tough one to put into words but you did so very well.

    – Hannah (says my open ID credentials cannot be verified…don't know why that keeps happening randomly)

  16. Matt Allen G says:

    I knew it was you as I was reading haha! But man the cog fog thing is definitely not fun for those of us in school! I am excited about this next semester but I am a bit worried…. We will see how it goes though…. And yeah I panic about my phone when 90% of the time it's in my pocket haha…… This gave me a few more ideas for part 2, THANKS@!

  17. sleekcartim says:

    wow i actually feel clear headed today! i feel like dancing around! does your fog lift at all, or are you always fogged? p.s. dont blog, er i mean drive angry! (ground hog day)

  18. Matt Allen G says:

    Haha it clears up ON RARE CATIONS for like a minute and that's it so far!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Too bad the "fog" isn't visible! If I woke up and saw a thick fog, then I wouldn't expect so much of myself that day. I am always questioning myself about this fog, brain fatigue, cog fog or whatever it is. Is it real?

    I'm wondering if this scenario falls under the cog fog.
    ex. it is a beautiful day outside, although cold…and I have a nice quiet area to walk in or go out in my car somewhere and just poke around and enjoy being outside. But……I don't go out! Then I wonder why? I don't feel depressed right now, not feeling sleepy, but it's like my "human motor" is not turning on.
    I hear about my friends going out and doing different things, enjoying different activities and I think how great that is, but there is nothing inside of me to go out and do it too.
    It would be like going out and sitting in my car and wanting to go somewhere, but the car won't start because there is something wrong with one of the spark plugs. So, the car "looks" alright, I just drove it yesterday and it was fine, it sounded good….but now today I can't even figure out what it sounds like because it won't start.
    does that make sense???????? to you
    I do seem to stay home more and I'm getting used to just "being" and not "doing".
    A part of me says this is a waste of time, because I could be doing so much more and hopefully having fun while I'm doing it.
    A friend might say to me, well, just get out! Just go there! Take up a hobby! Call a friend and plan something!
    You know what my mind does when I hear that…….I just feel like a blank thought.
    I got fired from a job when I was 21 because for 3 weeks or so, I wasn't doing my work. I remember sitting at my desk, looking at the paperwork, list of what to do, loved what I was supposed to do……and you know what…I felt like I was in a foreign country, didn't understand the language, I pushed papers around on my desk because I didn't know what else to do. I hid it from my co-workers for as long as I could. As you know, that can only go on for a little while, but it shows up eventually.
    I went on to secure other good jobs, got married, had a couple of kids and had no symptoms like that for more than 15 years!
    It was so good, as always to read your blog, because I'm looking for validation that what I feel is true and not because I'm lazy. (if I didn't have MS, I would hate to be lazy, except when I was laying by the beach, in the sun and on holiday, and feeling relaxed) I feel like I am boring because I have trouble getting interested in anything these days.
    You know what I say…….IT"S WEIRD!!!!

    Thanks Matt,

  20. Matt Allen G says:

    Wow I think I want to quote some of that for part 2, very well put. I know what you mean though and I just heard someone else mention something similar the other day, I would list it under a motivation issue. Lots of us have it and I have read that it is among the many mental issue people with MS can experience.

    I had the hardest time with that as well and the way I broke the cycle was I chose a hobby and made myself do it even if I didn't want to until it became ROUTINE and then after a while I started looking forward to it and finding joy in it. TOOK FOR EVER but hey, it worked. I would try starting with that and give it a few months.

  21. sleekcartim says:

    was gonna do some errands today after a few days of feeling good, remembering well. well i had go to & from the running car to house like 7 times, cuz i couldnt remember everything i needed to bring by the time i got into the house. really got to me how F'd up i can be, started to cry in car, was overwhelmed… DAMN YOU MS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta get back to happy got to get back to happy gotta get back to happy…. this is what it's like to have MS.

  22. Matt Allen G says:

    I'm sorry… I know how it is. We have all had that moment where something just tears us down. Let it happen, just let it, and then take in a deep breath and get back up to fight in round 2. You got this. Don't let it beat you, a battle is one thing but a war is another, we MS'ers, we are warriors.

  23. sleekcartim says:

    P.S. yes, it was MY momemt to mourn my loss of function. some may think "oh boo hoo, im way worse off". but you have to realize every person must deal with their OWN mourning process, it's a snapshot in time for one person (not you). this isnt a competition. Matt have you done a blog on this?

  24. Matt Allen G says:

    Yes your right but no I haven't, its one of those topics where it was to be written just right and I am not sure I know how to do that yet, its something I will spend a lot of time on though when I do because it is definitely important.

  25. sleekcartim says:

    it's a complicated thing that unless you understand how humans deal with loss, you may want to judge, it's not about you (well not YOU matt lol). also there is a wisdom that comes from experience (which sadly ive had in abundance), youve found this can be difficult to describe. take ur time, get that one right, it's important.

  26. Matt Allen G says:

    Yes your right, I think I just don't want to mess it up because it is such a sensitive subject for so many of us. I feel I need to put the time and effort into an article like this that I would put into my novel. Everyone word has to count so when the time is right I'll work on it. Ill start thinking about it now and see where things go.

  27. Something you could consider if you want to write a post on a sensitive topic is to run it past a few people before putting it up. Sometimes they'll have a perspective you may not have considered. I deal with some hot topics on my blog (trauma, abuse etc) and that's sometimes what I do when I'm concerned about a topic. 🙂

  28. Matt Allen G says:

    That's actually a good idea! Ill keep that in mind as well, I think I know just who to run them bu when the time is right!

  29. Excellent, you're all set then 🙂

  30. Matt, thank you so much for writing this article. I have a friend who's been diagnosed with MS for several years, but,she only recently started displaying Cog-Fog symptoms. Last night we talked on the phone for an hour. Half way through the conversation, I noticed her speech becoming slurred and she was losing track of the conversation. I could sense that she was "searching" for words…
    Then, this morning I got a text from her apologizing, for not calling me back last night….it was a little frightening.

  31. Thank you so much for writing this article. I have a friend who's been diagnosed with MS for several years, she has just recently started displaying COG-FOG symptoms. Some of the things you described are a dead-ringer. Last night we spent an hour talking on the phone, Then, I got a text from her this apologizing for not calling me…it was a little frightening.

  32. Yeah, and most friends/family just dont get it which is only MORE frustrating so thanks for trying to understand for your friend, we need that!

  33. Lee Lee says:

    Hey Matt,
    OMG you just described me and what I go through on a daily basis.
    I was only just explaining this to my GP the other day because he was sending an email to my other doctor (neuro)
    Was trying to tell him that I had problems with my thinking, word finding and concentration and short term memory, but when I was trying to explain I went blank, I told him "I have problems with… " blank set in.. looked at my partner as if to say help me with what I am trying to say, but he didn't know what I was saying, looked back at the GP blankly then pointed around my head and said "This!"
    My doctor said cognition, memory, word finding and I said "YES THAT!"
    I knew exactly what I wanted to say to him, but I just could not say it, the words were in my head, just not coming out of my mouth.
    I seem to do this alot, is ok if I am just talking to my partner, I think this is because I am more comfortable with him, but to others I am just scattered, and stutter etc
    Also, I could be listening to my partner, am sure I am listening to him, without a doubt I am hearing him talking about something we are to do or something he thinks is important, then 5 mins later he will ask me something about it and for the life of me, I would not have a clue, or I can only remember bits and pieces. He will say, see you just never listen, BUT I WAS listening, am positive I was.
    On the attention thing, I am finding at work they are kind of joking around with me because of my attention, cognition and memory, kind of making fun of me becaus of it, I seem to have a brain fart and forget what I am doing in mid action, or forget what someone has said, or just do not realise someone is talking to me when I am doing something else, when I do realise, I turn to listen, then when I turn back to what I was doing, I'm like, what tha? where was I? even though it's staring me in the face and takes me a bit to remember exactly what it was I was doing with something.
    At first i would joke about it too, I mean, I have a sense of humor, but now, seriously, it is getting beyond a joke and I am finding it ver frustrating to say the least, and my moods are being affected by it. eg I'll get a little angry at myself or at my work mates (see wanted to type work colleague but couldn't remember how to spell it, thank god for squiggly lines huh) It can make a day at work seem the pits, not to mention, because it is getting worse I feel I'm going to be unable to perform propper tasks to keep me in my job, but lucky it hasn't gotten that far yet.
    So reading your post was like a slap in the face open book on me in a way, am kind of happy knowing I'm not the only one with this problem, but sad of that also knowing how it can affect us.
    be well

  34. Lee,
    Do you have MS? That pretty much is how my brain works everyday now, I can't remember what it's like to have full function! Not much you can do for it but keep your brain active with puzzels and stuff like that…

    • Lee Lee says:

      I've entered comments on your site a few times Matt, under chooky or Lee, I can't remember if I used both or just Lee lol.
      My neuro thinks it's MS but had to rule out all other things first, I had MRI and bloodwork etc done, lesions on brain (ones that made my partner and I kinda shocked when we seen them) and my neuro says they are indicating MS as they are in certain areas commonly found with those who have MS, but she did not diagnose me with it yet, just said she thinks it is MS. I think this is weird for a neuro to say before testing for everything else, unless they are almost sure it is MS. Anyhows, I go back to see her next week (Thursday). For some reason I think she may order another brain/spine MRI and spinal tap ~ the whole space n time thingy to see if any changes, but really I am just hoping I get the dx finally so I can move forward and start treating it. Out of all the symptoms I'm having (have not really had a MS Hug, though the bottom of my rib cage in the mornings can feel excruciatingly painful and I have a great bed to sleep on and have slept in the same position for years without a problem, but now, seems I am always waking up sore. Nor have I had ON though I do have annoying flashes across my eye daily, that leads to a fogginess in the one eye, but this is not every day, can be a few days in a row, then a week where it is fine. But all the other symptoms, spacsticity, pins n needles, needle prick, numbness in part of the foot (left foot) etc)) all these are nothing compared to the cog fog, the cog fog seems to me to be the most irritating, annoying, frustrating symptom so far, the rest I can deal with, or even forget they are there. Sometimes I go a week or two without the other symptoms, then they come back but the cog fog always is there. I haveto watch I don't get too tired, or stressed at work because it can make the cog fog worse.
      Just yesterday it was like I was in a haze all day, and couldn't snap out of it, is like a veil is pulled down over your brain and you just cannot get with it mentally all day, everythingi seems slower, hazy, kind of even unrealistic, like you're not even there and your brain is doing it's own thing.
      Unfortunatly I start work at 1pm and work till 11pm so tiredness kicks in around noon (fatigue like) and I haveto take more breaks at work to counter this.
      I've done the brain puzzles etc, and I am good at them (WHEN I'm doing them) ask me how I did them after and I may not have a quick answer, might take me a little to explain it. I've found I haveto just vege out sometimes infront of the tv or just lie down and rest to kickstart my brain a little again.
      Anyways, will let you know what my neuro says next thursda
      be well

    • Lee Lee says:

      Update went and seen my neuro, thyroid all comming along well yadda yadda, no more problems with that. Everything my neuro tested to rule out, was NEGATIVE, so I ain't got lupus or any other mimicries of MS. She ordered another MRI, for the whole space and time thing, and if nothing has changed on this MRI (on 26 June) then she will wait another couple of months and do another MRI. The MRI will be on my brain and my spinal cord. So still no dx, but atleast I know my neuro is doing her job.
      I asked her again why she thought of MS in the first place, right off the bat, and she again stated that because of how many spots on my brain I have but specifically where they are located on my brain, is synonymous with MS brain scans.. in that my spots are in common places seen in others with MS.
      So she is just going to keep an eye on things for now, and leave me in limbo land to see if any changes happen or not.
      So guess it's a wait and see situation now.
      cool banana's
      Be well

    • Why is she NOT doing a spinal tap?? Ask THAT next time because that is more likely to give you an answer. Good luck though!

    • Lee Lee says:

      I already asked, said she is doing the spine MRI and then if she see's any changes they'll do another spinal tap, last one they did was negative and a little traumatic as they got a nurse to do it who hadn't done it before and she was crap, took ages, and I don't really want to go through that again unless I absolutly haveto. said if they find anything on my MRI then we will haveto do another one.. Thanks for well wishes.

      how you doing Matt, haven't seen you on for a bit, hope all is well, have been watching a few of your youtube vids, they're great, keep em up.
      If you dont mind me asking, do you work? and how does your MS affect your work?

    • OUCH, just tell them you want the neuro to do the tap, you have that right. I have been busy getting ready to move and no, I don't work YET**, once I move I'll be looking for a job. I am nervous as to how MS will effect my working ability because I am an over acheiver sometimes and I worry I won't reach my own standard in work quality haha… But I am definitely ready to get back into work, so so ready…..

  35. The whole "I'm thinking MS" thing is typical, they just don't want to jump to conclutions I suppose. I do understand though how you just want a DX so you can move on. Your in "limbo" and I know that is a horrible and helpless place to be. Hopefully they get you a DX soon but as far as cog fog goes, there is not too much they can do, nothing that has ever worked for me at least, and I have tried lots of medication used for other things that my neuro said sometimes helps in MS but most neuros won't try things like he does. Good luck and yes, let me know!

  36. Unknown says:

    The one that gets me (and it really gets me because I was a total smart pants) is when I mixmatch a word with its synonym. I want to type "to" and I type "two" or I want to type hole and I type whole. I know better! But it's all the time!!

  37. Unknown says:

    The one that gets me (and it really gets me because I was a total smart pants) is when I mixmatch a word with its synonym. I want to type "to" and I type "two" or I want to type hole and I type whole. I know better! But it's all the time!!

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