MS Friends – Meet Kane!


I would now like to introduce my good friend Kane from New Zealand who is also battling Multiple Sclerosis. He runs a VLOG on Youtube which you can find by clicking HERE. For this edition of MS friends I will be playing one of his first videos from youtube where he will introduce himself and talk a bit about his MS. Be sure to check out his latest video by visiting Kane’s Youtube Chanel because as you may now, MS can change on a daily basis! So please give a warm welcome to Kane!

3 Responses to MS Friends – Meet Kane!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Realy nice to finally meet you Kane. Thanks Matt for posting his vid on here, I will keep up with Kanes progress.
    Stephen Bleeker

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Of course! I love his video, he is so funny! And he is doing video reviews now as well, so I am working on my movie list!Haha but sometimes it's hard to get a hold of him outside his VLOG or facebook so yeah I think I forgot to send him this link and let him know it was actually posted! Oh yeah he does have that MS retreat this weekend I think, not sure what days he was leaving maybe that's why….

  3. linda barry mac manus says:

    awwww so cool to meet u Kane… Wow i love your pool routine… look forward to watching your other vids and keeping in touch
    lots of love Linda Bsrry Mac Msnus 🙂

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