Let’s Do This 2012!


The other day I shared with you some of my New Years Resolutions for the year of 2012 and I realize now that it may have sounded like my health was just another item among the list but really everything (well mostly) can be linked to the goal of kicking Multiple Sclerosis in the butt this year!

  1. Get a new car!
  2. Take control of my health with the help of my new insurance/doctors!
  3. Get into shape, no more being underweight!
  4. Obtain some sort of income if not a job!
  5. Finish writing my novel!
  6. Resume writing meaningful content here on my MS blog!
  7. Create and maintain my list of movies to watch and buy (sound stupid but I’m serious, I have been talking about this for years!)
  1. This will help me regain the sense of independence that MS has taken from me!
  2. This will help me feel in control again!
  3. This will help me feel good about my body unlike MS!
  4. This will add to my independence along with a sense of accomplishment!
  5. This will simply make me feel good about how I spend my time even when I’m out of order!
  6. This will help me feel a sense of purpose!
  7. This really has nothing to do with my MS haha…

Anyways, I had actually got an early start on my exercises routine about a week before the year started, needed to warm up! I walked 3.18 miles (5.11 kilometers) the other day! It was nice! But for the last couple of days I have been slacking as I have not been feeling 100%. I don’t feel like I’m getting sick but I have had some kind of chest congestion and I tried going for a walk the other day with it and I just didn’t feel so great afterwords. It was horrible last night and this morning and that along with the fact that I didn’t sleep well last night made me skip out on exercise today, not a good start!

I did wake up ready to get some stuff done however, I found out what I have to do to take care of my priority registration for classes next semester, got my new health insurance card (so happy about that), and was planning on trying to set myself up with a doctor at Hoag and Loma Linda but today is kind of considered a holiday so I couldn’t get a hold of anyone, so tomorrow. I guess I’ll spend today working on this blog and my new photography blog!

I have so much writing I  want to do! Such a great vision for both my blogs but especially this one! I know what I want it to be but it is going to take some time because I got really lazy with it all in the last 4 to 6 months or so but now I am going to stay focused and make this a place for people to learn and connect! I want it all done now but it is going to take time so as always in life, I got to be patient. Seriously though, if you have anything you would like to see here at MattsMS.Com please leave me a message in the comments below! I’m also going to be asking for people’s stories to add to my support section to help inspire others so if you would like your MS story to be published here on this blog please email it to me at mattalleng@yahoo.com. All I ask is that you watch your profanity! Lol thanks!

Another thing I need to do is get my Youtube videos going again, only problem is, I am having some camera issues and my Windows computer (which I use to edit my videos) took a dump so I need to reinstall the OS and figure out if my camera is still good to go. So for those of you who watch me on youtube, sorry, it’s going to be a while!

Oh! I almost forgot, I wanted to share that on New Years Eave I drank a bit for once to see how my MS would react. Now I don’t drink much, I don’t like how most alcohols taste and I don’t like what they do to people but I made an exception for this one ocaation. It was lame. I drank 3 large glasses of wine and a couple shots of rum and after that had all settled in I honestly couldn’t tell if I was buzzed or if my symptoms were just flaring up. I felt like myself, I was not acting funny, my state of mind did not appear to be altered at all, my problem solving skills were just as sharp as usual, and I didn’t feel all warm and fuzzy… I just felt like my vision was blurring a bit and my balance was out of whack… That’s how I feel everyday… If that is what getting buzzed feels like then MS ruined it for me because all it did was remind me that I am sick instead of helping me forget about it haha… How does drinking effect you I wonder?

Anyways, time for me to go for now! My fingers are still acting up and typing is annoying because my fingers are spazzing and hitting more then one key at a time, ARG! Hope everyone had a great New Years and please be patient with me as I turn this blog around, I have some great things in mind, and don’t forget to submit your MS stories to me by emailing me at mattalleng@yahoo.com Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Do This 2012!

  • January 3, 2012 at 12:18 am

    What's the novel you're wtitting Matt? Stephen Bleeker.

  • January 3, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    I don't know how to give a simple answer to that novel question without giving to much away haha man I need to work on that! Its a little bit of everything, horror, fantasy, love, everything haha? You will hear about it more later on trust me and thanks Judy!


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