Daily Archives: January 26, 2012

MS Friends – Meet Kane!


I would now like to introduce my good friend Kane from New Zealand who is also battling Multiple Sclerosis. He runs a VLOG on Youtube which you can find by clicking HERE. For this edition of MS friends I will be playing one of his first videos from youtube where he will introduce himself and talk a bit about his MS. Be sure to check out his latest video by visiting Kane’s Youtube Chanel because as you may now, MS can change on a daily basis! So please give a warm welcome to Kane!

I Spoke At Loma Linda University Pt. 1


It went well! I was holding off to do this post to see if I could get a quick clip but I couldn’t so sorry for the wait. Anyways, I will do a Pt. 2 to this posting once I do get a hold of that video clip so for now let me just tell you how it went.