Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

Progress – Thank You! On My Way To Success!


It says it in the title, it says it in the picture, but still, it’s not enough! THANK YOU! Thank you all who have purchased your MS IS BS T-shirts and to all who have made donations in the past few days! As you know I am working on selling a couple of my other camera lenses (figured out how to spell that word by the way haha) so that I can save up and try to get the ONE lens that I do need to pull off this wedding job I have booked. PLUS, I just booked another job for February doing family portraits at a family reunion involving some members who are visiting the states from England! Now I REALLY need to get this lens because I don’t have a wide angle anymore! I am so nervous about getting a lens in time but thanks to all of you out there I am just that much closer to my goal! Every penny helps!

Fight MS Memory Loss With Your Phone!


Well I have been meaning to write this article for a while now but guess what? I keep forgetting! Lol well now I am writing it so that’s all that matters, I think, unless I forgot about some other important factor related to this endeavor. Man! Cognitive fog and memory loss are so frustrating! Well aside from all my sticky notes and calendar marking I have found one invaluable tool to fight the memory loss associated with Multiple Sclerosis, my phone! How can you use your phone to help your memory? Well Let me explain!