Daily Archives: January 17, 2012

Progress – Booking A Photo Job! A Wedding???


Yes, that’s right, looks like I am in the process of booking another wedding! I have not been working on pushing my photography services do to my health but someone stumbled upon some of my work (like the photo above which will redirect you to my portfolio) who knew someone that was looking for a wedding photographer. They refereed them to me and they liked my work as well so they want to book the date! Just negotiating the prices and just finished setting up the plans and pricing for their “Save the Date” photo shoot. I will also be handling the creation of the actual save the date cards so that should be fun. Cutting them a great deal because I really could use the portfolio work plus I want to help them out as much as I can and right now I could use something to do with all my free time!

Symptom Log – Prednisone Taper


OK just realized this morning as I was refiling my Mon-Sun pill organizer that I ran out of Prednisone quick! So I am going to taper down pretty fast so that I don’t just stop at 60mg or something. Kind of happy though because I was looking for an excuse to get of this crap as it’s not doing me any more help and it’s causing my mood swings to go nuts! I hate roid rage!

Progress – Roid Rage x 100! Loosing My Cool!


OK, I mentioned the other day that the steroids were making me a very unhappy person and today it is even worse! Man I am so irritable! I am still catching myself say things I don’t mean but never in time to prevent it. Much quicker than I was able to many months ago though, in fact, I didn’t even recognize most my issue back at that time. Now I can recognize it and control it OK but it is eating me up inside! I just want to yell at someone but I have to stay calm! ARG!