How Do You Treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?


As you probably already know there is not currently a cure for Multiple Sclerosis so what can you do to treat it? Surely you can not live this way for the rest of your life? Well there is some good news, there are plenty of methods to treating this horrible disease many of which some people claim basically to have cured them of MS. Wether or not their chosen treatment actually did cure them of Multiple Sclerosis, it has certainly treated them in such a way that they have got their lives back and there is no reason you can not do the same!

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Multiple Sclerosis Symptom – Cognitive Fog Pt. 1

Today I wanted to take the time to describe a symptom that almost all Multiple Sclerosis Patients seems to have experienced at least once in their lifetime if not all the time, cognitive fog or “cog-fog” for short as we call it. This is an extremely frustrating symptom especially because most people just don’t know how to describe it or express how difficult it makes getting through the day. I’ll try to convert this symptom and the frustration associated wit it into simple words so that maybe you can relate, share this with someone you have been trying to explain this to, or identify an issue you sort of knew was there but really never knew what it was! 

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