Exercise Your Brain! Fight MS With Your Smart Phone!


These days a lot of us have smart phones so of course I have to look at this device and wonder “how can this amazing technology that is becoming cheaper and cheaper and more widely used be applied to Multiple Sclerosis?” Now I have lots of ways that my phone helps me fight MS and lots of ways I think it can eventually be used to help in other areas of fighting and managing Multiple Sclerosis but for now let’s start with some fun!

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Progress – New Doctor at Loma Linda!

Photobucket (Random Picture I took the other night, didn’t really have anything related to this post haha)

OK, so after who knows how long it’s been, it’s official, I am going to Loma Linda! Now, I know I talked about HOAG for a while but unfortunately with the weird rules of my new insurance I can’t go there because I have to live or work within so many miles of what ever doctor I see and Hoag is too far. So I shifted my attention back to the Loma Linda University Medical Center. I set up my PCP there and once I see her I will ask for a referral to the MS specialist they have there. I have heard it’s hard to get in with him but his nurse practitioner is pretty well known all around for being really good so I am so hoping that this will turn out to be a positive experience for me.

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