Daily Archives: January 9, 2012

Progress – Overcoming MS With My Zen Zone


As indicated with my last few Symptom Logs, I am flaring up a bit and it’s getting worse. The numbness on the left side of my head is spreading towards my face and down my neck, across my chest and shoulder only to skip my arm and reappear in my left hand. My left arm does feel a tad weak though… Anyways on top of that I am having issues telling where exactly my left hand is in time and space, well, mostly space. I was trying to clap my hands together above my head and I couldn’t do it, they kept missing. If I am looking at them then I can kind of use visual aid to move my hand in the right spot but if I’m not watching where my hand is I miss everything, the light switch, the glass on the counter, my pocket, everything.

Syptom Log – Can’t Tell Where My Hand Is


Let’s do a quick update as my hand is making typing even more difficult than usual! Numbess spread down to my hand. Forearm feels a tad weak. Numbness on back and side of head spread a little more towards my left cheek. Numbness on neck spread down a bit towards my chest, it’s not as strong there but there is a lack on sensation. Oh yeah a bit on my left shoulder as well. Stress levels are up, depression is kicking in.