Staying Postive With Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


Stay positive. Stay Positive. Everyone tells you to stay positive, They tell you the “what” but not the “how”. It’s frustrating, I know, because I have always struggled to stay positive myself despite the fact that everyone around me is saying “just be positive”. “Just be“. It’s that simple huh? I know what it’s like because I have been there and I will more than likely return there after some time. I’m not going to try to make you believe that everything is just dandy for me and that I am always a warm, fuzzy, bundle of joy inside sporting a huge smile where ever I go, I mean, I try to be like that as often as possible, but let’s face it, MS sucks, it makes life hard, so it’s just not realistic to think that someone could avoid ever having their down moments with this dreadful disease. I’m writing this article to tell you that it’s OK to be sad, frustrated, and angry but the key is to get it out of your system and get back to trying to stay positive as long as you can so that you can enjoy your life!

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