Symptom Log – Intro to My Progress Section


OK so for a while I had “Progress Updates” on my blog but I stopped them (as far as the label goes) because it was too hard to separate the general stuff from the technical stuff and it was just getting to disorganized. Now as you can see if you click on the “Progress” tab up top it drops down and lead you to “Symptom Log” and “How I Am Doing“. My “Symptom Logs” will be purely technical so if you want to see how my health is doing click that! It is also going to be my personal method of keeping track of my health since my memory is so poor especially when it comes to passing time! “How I Am Doing” is an obvious section, that will be more casual, and I’ll mention more of everything that is going on in my life and how I’m feeling! So we will see how this works out!

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