Happy Holiday 2011! Let’s Help Those With Less!


t’s the end of 2012 and a lot of us are celebrating Christmas or some other holiday but what ever it is doesn’t really matter to me! It’s time to come together and give! Those of us with MS often hear or say “there is always someone else out there who has it worst then you“. This is true but don’t get me wrong, having MS is still hard, but since it’s that time of the year we should all really be thankful for what we do have and try to give all we can or provide what ever kind of help we can to those who are less fortunate then us! We can’t change the entire world, but we can do what ever we can to improve it. Everything makes a difference!

Today I went through all my clothes and put a bunch of older shirts that don’t fit or I don’t wear into a big plastic bad. I then took that bag down the street to the church where two Salvation Army donation bins rests. Someone out there will be glad to get that clothing, someone out there will appreciate the jacket I gave away, it all helps! My life philosophy is a bit like this: Life is like a pond of water, everyone is floating among it. We all cause tiny ripples in this water that spread out and effect different floaters differently. I want to create the largest ripple possible and help everyone in this world that I can and maybe helping them will cause them to help someone else! I don’t want to be famous in life but I do want to have made a difference in the world even if who ever’s life I do end up changing doesn’t realize that it was me or that I even exist!

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