Snow Treatment for MS – I Love the Cold!


Well, it’s that time of the year so today I took a day trip up to Big Bear with my friend Cyndi! It was so nice up there! It wasn’t too cold but there was still tuns of fresh snow everywhere! The air was clean, no breeze, and it was dead silent, pure peace, and for someone like me who is sensitive to the heat, paradise. I felt so good up there I wish I could have stayed in that location and time for ever! I think the snow is my favorite form of MS treatment there is!

I’m not kidding, I felt wonderful up there! I felt… HEALTHY. I had energy, I was not in pain, I felt strong, I just felt great! I felt like I could breath and be myself! I don’t know if it was the trees, the clean air, the cold weather, or a little bit of it all! Mountain Magic! I love it! Of course as soon as I came back down to reality my symptoms all settled back in so there must be something to it besides the elevation difference! I know that one day when I can afford it, the mountains will be my home because up there I feel healthy and that makes me happy. I can’t wait for it!

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