My MS Symptoms Are So Sensitive!


It’s really frustrating right now because everything is so sensitive. I see some improvement and then something causes me to back track. Unfortunately my motor skills are suffering the most right now and I hate that because at least with pins and needles or numbness you can still function OK but when your hands go out it’s hard to take care of business! When your legs grow weak it’s hard to hide the fact that your ill! Of course I can’t help thinking about my desire to have money again, a job, to attack school full blast, etc so these back tracks are extra frustrating because not only am I taking a step away from good health but I am taking a step away from my goals in life and then the stress from that causes my health to take another step back and so the vicious circle begins.

The Prednisone is helping but not immensely… As I mentioned above, my hands are suffering the most. The coordination in my fingers is rather lacking and sometimes they tremor but mostly they feel stiff and slow. I have learned to type decently with them like this, in fact, I am starting to forget what it was like to type smoothly and brake free at all which is good for my sanity but probably bad for other things…

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