Prednisone is Helping, MS and Genetics?

Well first of all I just wanted to mention that the Prednisone seems to be helping a bit. My walking is much better but my hands are still not back to normal. I can type and do most things as usual but they just feel somewhat stiff and certain motions are hard to do; sometimes my strength slips away… I don’t even want to say I hope they get better because that would imply that part of me fears they won’t and I can’t afford that, I need my hands! I am at 80mg of Prednisone right now and I am about to kick it down to 60mg come Monday. I have also been taking the Gabapentin consistently which seems to be helping a little with the pain although I have been feeling it in my fingers all day today which could be a result of me once again thinking about my lacking financial life. Stress is bad. Perhaps the Prednisone has been helping with the pain as well? Who Knows.

On an unrelated note, I was looking into MS and genetics the other day. Of course this is a rather split theory but many patients believe that Multiple Sclerosis is genetic and then you have other people (professional and unprofessional) who believe that it isn’t. When doing a quick Google search I stumbled across this article on About.Com that was talking about the very subject and the facts just kind of irritate me. Here is a paragraph from the website:

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