The Type Of MS Pain I Am Feeling


Well I thought I should take the time to explain the pain I have been going through since this is a rather new symptom that seems to be sticking around.

I have always had random sharp shooting pain here and there but by random I mean like once every month or two. Now I am getting them multiple times every single day. Imagine a sciatica in your arm, shoulder, back, temple. I can litterally tell where my nerves are as a result of the pain! Sometimes its settle, ignorable, and sometimes it makes me stop in my tracks waiting for it to pass. I think about when Montel Williams described his pain as someone stabbing a hot poker into his heel and moving it around only I imagine an object sharper, skinnier, and electrified rather then heated. My torturer stabs it deep into the center of a random limb, shoves it in all the way, and then pulls it out all in an instance.

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