Worst Multiple Sclerosis Symtom Ever!

The worst MS multiple sclerosis symptom ever

The holidays are here and that means any time you go out and about you are sure to see some cute little couple holding hands and keeping close together to keep warm. So for us singles out there that means one thing: loneliness. Yeah, yeah, I know, I complain about it a lot but I can’t help it. As a result of my loneliness I signed up for Zoosk, that online dating site, well, it was kind of an accident. Let’s just say you should always be sure that your credit card information is not saved anywhere online because all it takes is one click! Anyways, Zoosk sucks. It’s a joke. It’s a waste of time. 95% of the people signed up don’t actually have a subscription so you can’t talk to anyone! This makes the loneliness even more frustrating! You find someone really interesting and you can’t even talk to them. I would never, ever, ever recommend Zoosk to any of my friends!

But, I was browsing around and I finally got a reply last night… She seemed like a pretty cool girl, we had a lot of similar interests and hobbies so that was cool. We started talking via email and then I made a mistake. I forgot to delete my signature before I clicked send… My signature contains a link to my MS blog… This blog… So of course I had to explain that it was unintentional and that “I had an autoimmune disease but it’s no big deal” (lie). She sent me back a short reply and after that she stopped responding. So I have a new symptom to add to the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms list,

“MS may cause you to become and/or stay single.”

Of course, I want nothing to do with someone who would turn their back on me like that because of my MS but I have to say, it sucks just the same. Feels just like regular old rejection to me… MS has shown me the true colors that so many people have hidden within them and I can’t help but wonder if I appreciate this or not… I was so much happier before this… Ignorance is bliss right? My EX couldn’t handle my MS at first but then we got back together and tried to “work things out”. Now I have to wonder, was that because she truly cared about me or was it because she couldn’t stand to be alone and was just avoiding her own pain? I think this suspicion is confirmed by the fact that as soon as I stopped talking to her she started seeing someone else… I can’t seem to find anyone new myself because keeping this MS BS a secret is tough and I can see a girls interest poof away the moment they learn something is wrong with me.

I know that I will eventually  find someone truly special because of this, someone who truly, truly, loves me for me. But it’s so hard… I don’t even want to go outside right now because it hurts to see all these couples enjoying their lives together… It hurts to know that nobody want to hold my hand… I think I enjoyed life much more before I started seeing people this way. Thanks MS, I’m going to be single for a long time I think.

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  1. Rosie PL says:

    It's just as difficult for females…..when my first relapse was happening and I was losing feeling in one half of me body, my boyfriend at the time decided he was going to go off and avoid me at all costs.
    It was a time when I needed someone more than ever, but it was also a time that I learned to (wo)man up and get to grips (however numb my hands were)with what was happening.
    It's true, MS is something, that people who don't have it is scary for them to understand. It's us battling through our lives that learn to live with it however much it sucks sometimes…
    When I finally got my diagnosis, I had to learn to live with this new person that I thought I'd known all along. Then I became honest with everyone, myself, the world at large!!
    I got on with my life and stopped seeking things that were never there, then I met a man, told him EVERYTHING about myself…..and yes reader I married him!!!
    I know it's easy to say because I have a happy ending, but your time will come Matt, there is some justice in the world….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey matt just hang in there your queen will come your way soon you just have to have patients which I know you have cause dealing with MS takes a lot of patients you have to put yourself in a relationship with other things and places to center those feelings you yern so much to give to someone else until that special girl comes along who deserves you never settle for less for that's what you'll get less than you deserve .

  3. Judy says:

    Matt, my husband met and married me when I already had MS. I won't say it has always been easy because it has not, but we are still happily together. If you want another example of people meeting post the MS diagnosis, try reading Dan and Jennifer Digmann's wonderful memoir, Despite MS, To Spite MS. Here is the link: http://www.despitemstospitems.com/

  4. Anonyms says:

    Hang in there Matt. You're a cool dude and will meet a cool girl before long.
    Saw this online meeting site. not your typical dating site.. http://www.howaboutwe.com/
    people just post a line of how about we…
    I like the concept. Have not used it but sounds cool.
    Take care.

  5. Matt Allen G says:

    When I meant it was more difficult for guys I didn't mean emotionally, no, its just the same for guys and girls. I just meant it seems like in my area at least that most girls are more quick to turn a guy in my situation down then guys are likely to turn a girl in my situation down but I could be wrong I don't know. But you guys are right, just got to be patient which I'm trying but it's just lame with the holidays and all.

  6. Anonyms says:

    Didn't notice until today but your on the right path with the new Rico Suave picture there man! The saying was good enough to make a song out of it.."'Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man"

  7. Matt Allen G says:

    Lol ahahaha I do what I can, I need every extra point I can get haha.

  8. Me says:

    Came upon your site by accident. Quite inspirational! You are right rejection in any form hurts. Looking for good things coming your way.


  9. Matt Allen G says:

    Thanks! In due time I suppose? Haha.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while, and we are also fb-friends. I have a couple of friends with MS, and however much it hurts in many different ways, it also helps to see new dimensions of life. Those who don`t see it are not worthy of your love! You know that!:)

  11. Matt Allen G says:

    Your right, it's just hard… Hmmm… FB friends? :^b

  12. Alissa says:

    Have you tried other dating sites like plentyoffish.com? Some of these sites are free! Don't lose hope because of that one girl. There are other women out there who will make a great match for you.

  13. Matt Allen G says:

    I am on a free one, but not much luck it seems/ At the same time Im not ready to date anyways, I have nothing to offer and I can't even control my health. I should be focusing on other things but it just hard sometimes when your lonely.

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