The Steroids Worked, That is For Sure…

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Well I have not been blogging for a couple of days and that is for good reason… I got so sick! Granted it was just a cold but it hit me hard and that is probably because the steroids wiped out my immune system. So here’s a bit of irony for you, I was having a flareup so I had the steroids to help clear my symptoms, as a result, my immune system was compromised and I got sick. Getting sick stressed my body out causing my symptoms to flare up again… So now I am worse than when I began! Great! Just my luck! I wasted all this time and missed all this class for nothing! This has been a horrible week for me…

So just when my symptoms were clearing up they all flared back up thanks to my cold. In fact, I have more symptoms than I started with and they are more severe than the first ones. My balance is horrible, my coordination is horrible, my legs move funny, my hands and arms move funny, my fingers move funny, my vision is a tad fuzzy, my taste went back out, my depth perception is off, my speech started slurring, my cognitive strength plummeted, and to top it all off I had some pain to deal with… My arms felt like when you slam your palm against the concrete… I also had very sharp shooting pains in my legs and the tips of my fingers. All this from a cold! Last night was the worst but today is not so bad as far as the pain goes. My speech is still slurring and I’m still not all there in the head but I’m not as lost as I was last night, trying to find words or concepts to express myself properly. I hate that so much, More than anything… Except the hug, that was pretty bad.

Anyways I also had some financial troubles with the bank which made my week pretty bad as well. I have this thing called “keep the change” with Bank of America. If I buy something for say $5.75 they round up to the next dollar and put the difference in a separate account, in this case they would put $.25 away. Every once in a while they make a deposit from that account to your savings. I have had this for a while so I have racked up quite a bit of cash, so, when I received a $50 payment I thought,  “perfect timing!” and when I received a second $50 payment I thought “even better!” But a few days later after I spent the money I found out that I was wrong. it was not even better. Turns out the second payment was a mistake on their end, go figure, so they took $50 back… except… I already spent the money so there was no $50 to take back… so I had a negative balance… about negative $40, or, “not $40”. So now I had less than “no money” as Louis CK puts it…  “I don’t even have nothing I WISH I had that much!” So… I called up the bank and after being transferred three times and waiting on hold for over an hour I was basically told that there was nothing they could do about it, that it was my fault, that they couldn’t just credit the money that they gave me to spend on accident because there is no money to be given, where would it come from? I told them that I was a tad concerned that a multibillion dollar company did not know how to handle a simple $50 transaction and keep track of that small of an amount of money, I mean, if they are making that small of a mistake what’s going on with the bigger numbers? She gave me some attitude so I returned it before hanging up on her. At this point I had a bit of an emotional breakdown, not because of the money, I am always broke so I could care less. I was upset becuase it seems as though every time I feel like I have made a step forward life send me two steps backwards. I just can’t catch a brake can I?

Luckily I’m catching back up. I had some money in my PayPal account, I received about $25 from an eBay settlement thing in the mail (I guess they were sued for charging too much money on final value fees a few months back and since I used to sell things on eBay I got a little bit of that back) and between those two things I’ll be able to get my account balance back up to about a dollar once everything gets deposited. Yay… I am going to cancel my accounts with them though, Bank of America treated me horribly, they messed up, they didn’t accept responsibility for their mistake, and their representatives were rude to me. I know it’s not like it will make any difference to the company, I don’t exactly bring them a lot of business, but I am still a customer and now I am the customer they lost. Off to another corrupt bank!

Hmmm… I thought something else happened this week that made me want to give up on life but I can’t remember at the moment what that was which I guess is a good thing.  I have been tripping a lot though, that kind of sucks. Almost fell pretty good several times this week… I am seriously going to break a bone soon…  Funny, I wouldn’t have thought I could do a somersault over my swivel chair before I had MS, but it’s pretty easy now even though I didn’t mean to do it… Anyways… Just glad my cold is finally not breaking me the way it was all week. Hopefully these symptoms will clear up soon, I mean, as fun as this voice recognition software is (not) I sure would like my fingers to gain some control so that I can type and play that piano again,,, And not have to try to say the word “them” 50 different ways to convince my computer that I am not trying to say “him”. THEM. THEM? THEM!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh jeez:(( Sorry you've got so bad. As for the bank robbers…grrr! My bank is exactly the same. Through illness times have gotten a tad tricky so next thing I know every month they're charging me £100+ – which of course I never have spare (or my DD's wouldn't be bouncing) so then I get a further £35 bank charge for an overdraft I'm not allowed. I hate banks. Here they all seem as bad as each other. Money is so hard, as if you haven't been penalised enough with ill health, you end up struggling to get by financially too. So what's next? Can the Drs help since you've gotten worse again?

  2. okay i know how you feel with the illness cause i have MS my self and its horrible!! im only 15 and i have to deal with so much and im just now getting over the flu then i get a stomach virus ughh i know how you feel and right now i am in my wheel chair i can't feel either of my legs and my head is ponding i just wish it would stop for Gods sake i want it to all stop then on top of that my dad is in jail so it just makes everything all the more worse on me 🙁 my mood swings are horrible and this month so far has been horrible

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  4. Matt Allen G says:

    100 pounds a month? Wait I am confused, for what???? Man I am so sick of bank! If you want to be a legal criminal, work for a bank!

  5. Matt Allen G says:

    Sandra you hit me up on youtube yeah? Man… I hope you get over the flu quick cuz it sounds like your having a hard enough time from the MS-BS and the flu not only makes you FEEL worse but it probably making your symptoms worse! Im definitely going to check out your blog like RIGHT NOW!

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