Steroid Treatment Tomorrow


Well I finally called the infusion center and set up an appointment; 3 days of Solu-medrol, 1,000mg a day, 1 hour a day. Yay steroids! I am actually looking forward to it for a couple reasons. The first and obvious reason is I want to get better! Since I am seeing some improvement with just the oral Prednisone I have been taking the the IV steroids should clear this all up in no time. Secondly I just want to get out of the house even if that means going to Kaiser to get my arm stabbed with an IV! Sad I know, I am so bored that I am looking forward to going to the hospital… Maybe I just want to be around people? It has been a lonely couple of days… Haha…

Speaking of loneliness… I am lonely. More so now that I figured out that my ex is seeing someone new… I mean… Good for her but… Its hard for me… Its funny how one minute all I could think of was the bad times and now all I can think about is the good times… Interesting… Especially since it was I who ultimately broke it off… We are weird, human beings, I mean it shouldn’t be effecting me the way it is but.. It is… I had such a hard time sleeping last night because all I could think about was her… I hate this… Its extra hard because I don’t have much of a life, much of anything to keep me occupied so all I do all day is think.

So that leads me to the next thing I took care of today: I applied for Dial a Ride. No not for a job, although that would be kind of ironic, but to be able to use their services. If I can get approved for that then I can use it to get down the street and volunteer at the hospital! Maybe not the funnest thing ever but I need something to do with my life so I am not sitting around doing nothing all day. Volunteering will help my life feel more fulfilling, give me something to wake up for, give me something to talk about, give me a place to meet new people’ possibility;y network a bit, and it will help out with my resume! So it’s a win-win all around I just need to get the transportation aspect knocked out.

Hopefully I can get this going so that I can start rebuilding some kind of life again and maybe the money will follow but for now I just want something to do so that I am not wasting so much time and so that I can meet new people and not come off as a looser haha… If I had something to do I probably wouldn’t feel so lonely either, time would not go by so slow. We shall see, but I am going to leave it at that, I typed this all out using my fingers! It took me so long and involved so much correcting but I did it and now my hands hurt!

“What was and what could have been only leads to the present”

5 thoughts on “Steroid Treatment Tomorrow

  • November 9, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    Good luck with the steroids, hopefully they get you back on your feet, walking and seeing right. I have only done Prednisone myself but that was mainly financial reasons. Seemed to work out well.

    It would be nice for you to meet someone while volunteering, you know she is caring right off the bat, unless of course if its court ordered.

  • November 9, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    Hahaha yeeeeeeeeah well we will see, Im not going in with any expectations except that it should keep me busy, anything else will be a bonus!

    Haha but yeah, I usually respond pretty well to the steroids so I should be good pretty soon.

  • November 21, 2011 at 3:50 am

    so these steroids i took these for awhile and i am just now getting off them can you tell me a little about exactly what they do i mean i know a lot but im not real sure i know they made me eat alot lol and they made me look like a chipmunk is what all my friends and step sister said but i dont understand how they help with the MS maby you can help explain? Oh and if your ever really lonely you can always email me i dont mind talking to people especially those who have been diagnosed ith MS my mom said it would be nice if i started contacting some people and finding out a little bit about it and how they cope with their depression and stuff so yeah please email me?


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