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Done With Steroid Treatment – Medical Record is Up!

ms multiple sclerosis medical record test

Well this is going to be way short! I am done with my IV steroid treatment and I will not be doing any kind of oral taper. I don’t think I need it, I have a little Prednisone left that I could take if I wanted to just get rid of it but I don’t think it is worth it haha so I should be fine without any kind of taper. Feeling the effects of the steroids starting to kick in so I think by Tuesday I will be ready to go back to class so yeah looking forward to that! Also getting my taste back which is always nice to have! Have not noticed too much change in my hands yet but I mean it takes time for all this stuff to kick in so we will see as the days go by how it all kicks in. I am pretty sure it will all clear up pretty quickly!

Fighting the MS Flair – IV Steroid 2/3 is Done

Multiple Sclerosis MS IV Steroids

OK two days of steroids are done! Just one more day to go, I hope this whole 3 day gig is enough because usually I do 5 but for what ever reason this stupid neuro likes to go with 3 days not the typical 5 but what ever, better than nothing! i have had a smooth but odd experience this time around though… Usually the metallic taste is much stronger on my tongue from the Solu-Medrol but I could hardly taste it… Not complaining. What’s really weird though is usually my veins are really easy to get but for what ever reason both days they have had trouble finding them… Today I was poked on top of my forearm! I have been poked in a lot of weird spots but never there… Must not have been drinking enough water or something…

I also had the worst time trying to sleep last night! I mean it has never been that bad! I know the steroids keep you wired and all but I didn’t even start feeling tired till about 4 in the morning! That was after taking 2 Norcos, 10mg of Melatonin, and a Clonazepam! What the heck! I hope I don’t have to deal with a part II tonight because I was loosing my mind! I mean on one hand it was kind of nice to not be tired for once but I was sooooooo bored! So we will see how tonight goes!

Steroid Treatment Tomorrow


Well I finally called the infusion center and set up an appointment; 3 days of Solu-medrol, 1,000mg a day, 1 hour a day. Yay steroids! I am actually looking forward to it for a couple reasons. The first and obvious reason is I want to get better! Since I am seeing some improvement with just the oral Prednisone I have been taking the the IV steroids should clear this all up in no time. Secondly I just want to get out of the house even if that means going to Kaiser to get my arm stabbed with an IV! Sad I know, I am so bored that I am looking forward to going to the hospital… Maybe I just want to be around people? It has been a lonely couple of days… Haha…

Thought I Was Doing Better But Not So Sure


 Maybe I was just trying to make myself believe that I was doing better today and maybe I started to actually believe it but I’m not so sure… The other day I noticed that I had also lost my sense of taste. Fun. My vision has been crossing a bit as well but so far I’ve been able to control it. My inability to walk seems to be more of a result of the lack of ordination in my legs than the result of poor balance though my balance is still not that great. I am also noticing some coordination issue with my arms and of course my fingers… So I’m pretty useless right now and I have been going crazy for the last few days as a result of boredom. In fact, I finished reading two novels already! I’ve been doing nothing but sleeping, reading, and listening to music.

Though everything is frustrating walking is the worst  or should I say, trying to walk. I tried doing laundry today and that was no fun… I was getting around the house a little bit easier but it is still very difficult. Nonetheless I tried going out for lunch just a bit ago,  maybe dinner I don’t know, and it went okay but it was still kind of embarrassing. I am using a cane at the moment and I totally almost fell when getting into the car. I also can’t walk very smoothly, my legs either dart in front of me to quickly or can’t keep up with each other making my gate rather funky. Walking feels ridiculous but I wanted to get out and I did despite the fact that it was kind of embarrassing since the only person that has seen like this outside of my family would be my ex-girlfriend…