Doing OK For The Holidays


Tomorrow is thanksgiving for those of us who celebrate it and I was kind of worried I would still be in really bad shape. But I am happy to inform that I am doing better! I still am about 80% but well enough to get around and not be miserable, yay! I feel like I am over my cold but the sniffles still linger of course which brings about the annoying coughs as well… I won’t complain though, after what I just went through I am happy to be where I am now. Best part is I can type at a decent pace again! The laptop keys still frustrate me but I have an external keyboard with a huge amount of feedback in the keys so all is well. I started working on my novel again last night and despite some extremely frustrating formatting issues I would say it felt pretty good. I really want to finish this sucker and start working on one of the new projects I am thinking up.

Finally went back to class yesterday, I guess I didn’t miss much. Just need to pick up a doctors note to excuse my absences for the last two weeks or how ever long it was that I was absent. I can drive again as well, forgot to mention that. So I’ll be heading out to my buddies house in Pomona this evening, to stay the night. Then tomorrow Ill head from there about 20 minutes down the freeway to my grandparents house where everyone is meeting for thanksgiving. If all goes according to plan I should be able to avoid most the traffic since it will be horrendous on account of the predicted rainfall for tomorrow. Kind of working on my own holiday traditions now anyways and I want to be able to spend it or some of it with  the one friend I got.

Oh yeah, be sure to check out this new blog; Why is Life So Hard? It is ran by a girl who was just diagnosed with MS a few months ago. Her name is Sandra, she is 15 years old… Please show her your support!

Well anyways I hope everyone has a happy holiday! Ill be back soon! And I may have my first guest blogger so we will see how that goes! Take care!

5 thoughts on “Doing OK For The Holidays

  • November 24, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving! Stay as well as you possibly can. ox's

  • November 24, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    lol im helping my mom cook were having ours tomarrow cause my step dad works today. im actually doing a little better my throats sore i think i might be getting strep at least from what my mom could tell thats what she said it looked like… im going to my aunts to night then me and my older brother are gunna make pies when we get home 🙂

  • November 25, 2011 at 5:42 am

    Thanks! And Sandra, watch out for MONO… Glad your feeling a tad better otherwise! Just got back from my day of thanks giving haha man I hate driving during the holidays. Time to relax a bit!


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