Done With Steroid Treatment – Medical Record is Up!

ms multiple sclerosis medical record test

Well this is going to be way short! I am done with my IV steroid treatment and I will not be doing any kind of oral taper. I don’t think I need it, I have a little Prednisone left that I could take if I wanted to just get rid of it but I don’t think it is worth it haha so I should be fine without any kind of taper. Feeling the effects of the steroids starting to kick in so I think by Tuesday I will be ready to go back to class so yeah looking forward to that! Also getting my taste back which is always nice to have! Have not noticed too much change in my hands yet but I mean it takes time for all this stuff to kick in so we will see as the days go by how it all kicks in. I am pretty sure it will all clear up pretty quickly!

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