Fighting the MS Flair – IV Steroid 2/3 is Done

Multiple Sclerosis MS IV Steroids

OK two days of steroids are done! Just one more day to go, I hope this whole 3 day gig is enough because usually I do 5 but for what ever reason this stupid neuro likes to go with 3 days not the typical 5 but what ever, better than nothing! i have had a smooth but odd experience this time around though… Usually the metallic taste is much stronger on my tongue from the Solu-Medrol but I could hardly taste it… Not complaining. What’s really weird though is usually my veins are really easy to get but for what ever reason both days they have had trouble finding them… Today I was poked on top of my forearm! I have been poked in a lot of weird spots but never there… Must not have been drinking enough water or something…

I also had the worst time trying to sleep last night! I mean it has never been that bad! I know the steroids keep you wired and all but I didn’t even start feeling tired till about 4 in the morning! That was after taking 2 Norcos, 10mg of Melatonin, and a Clonazepam! What the heck! I hope I don’t have to deal with a part II tonight because I was loosing my mind! I mean on one hand it was kind of nice to not be tired for once but I was sooooooo bored! So we will see how tonight goes!

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