Another Flare Up

multiple sclerosis ms balance cane vertigo

Well I cannot deny it now, I am having a flair up. Not the worst I have had but it certainly sucks. First of all, I did not wake up until about noon today… I do hate that I’ve been sleeping in later and later lately but I do have to admit I have not been feeling as crappy when I wake up. Luckily I do not have too much of a life going on right now so I can afford to just let things happen as they happen but I did miss class yesterday and I don’t see myself going tomorrow… How would this work if I had a job? If I had more than just one class? I have been falling further and further away from the positive light I once was illuminated by and now dealing with this flareup is simply killing what little hope I had stored up before. I can’t take this anymore.

My balance is so bad today that I can barely walk around the house again. It looks like I’m back to bumping into walls and moving at the pace of a snail on a hot summer day lost from all shade. What makes it worse is the vertigo that comes with it… I just can’t seem to see straight. I don’t know how to describe it properly in words but it is almost as if when I turn my head the world around me takes a few extra seconds to catch up with my line of sight. Once again simple tasks like making lunch or putting on my pants is not only difficult but dangerous. Every move I make no matter how simple it is has to be strategically calculated in order to avoid falling over. I tried digging out a crutch and a cane from the garage to see if that would help me get around better but I am finding that it is making things worse. By using a cane I find myself assuming that I have something to lean on when I am losing my balance but apparently, a cane is just an extension of your arm, and if you’re strength and motor skills are impaired well, so is the strength and motor skill of your cane.

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