Having Some Kind of Flare Up – Loss of Balance and Fatigue

multiple sclerosis ms balance issues loss

I don’t know what happened but I have been falling apart in the last few days… It all started after I stayed out a bit lateer than usual the other night. It’s not like I was doing anything crazy, I went to dinner with some friends and then we hung out for awhile sitting on the couch talking. I got home just a couple hours later than I have been going to bed lately. So what the heck? Maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe not… I don’t know but either way the fact of the matter is, I have not been feeling well.

I first started noticing that I was having a much more difficult time waking up than usual and throughout the day my fatigue was dragging me around much more than it usually does. Then I started noticing my balance was a little out of whack. Over the next couple of days it was all getting worse. I was falling back asleep throughout the day and several times I almost fell because of my balance and clumsy legs.  Yesterday I had some vertigo manifest out of all this. My head felt like a gyroscope was spinning out of control deep down inside and tilting it either way made me want to fall over… Once again I am finding myself using my hands to guide myself down the hallways and around each corner. The walls serve as an occasional brace for when I stumble or lean too far. I am finding myself dropping back into my bed as I try to stand up from it as if a rope was tied to my chest and someone was pulling it every time I tried to stand.

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