Another Bad Day Wouldn’t You Agree Multiple Sclerosis?

matts ms multiple sclerosis stress

The Answer is “yes”, MS does seem to agree that today was a bad day. Waking up early after hardly any sleep, stuck in traffic, everything going wrong, it was one of those “catch every red light” kind of days and the stress was building… I reacted pretty quickly to the stress, well, my MS did is what I mean. My vision started getting worse which is not good when you have a bunch of out of town driving to do. I started experiencing pain and heat flashes, at least I think that’s what they were. I would be cold one second then hot the next and every time I felt like I was overheating I had a poking, scratching, burning sensation rush over my skin. My balance feels off, well, pretty much everything feels off. I’m just exhausted and I need some decent rest… I need to dumb some of this stress that has been building for the last few months. Sucks, I don’t know what to do, before I was diagnosed with “being single” my significant other and I could leave town for the weekend, go to Disneyland, etc, and that helped a lot but now it seems like no matter what I do I can’t leave my stress behind, it just follows me. You would think as good as I am at forgetting thing that wouldn’t be an issue but life is not without a sense of irony is it?

Anyways, so what was I doing out and about today? Well I finally made it to the doctors appointment Social Security made me… The doctor was nice and she worked with someone who has MS so not sure if that is going to help my case or not. I had to go to the Sheriff’s department in downtown Riverside to turn in some bench warrant information regarding a small claims case I won over a year and a half ago but of course these jerks won’t pay up the $2,000 they owe me so bench warrant time. Thing is the paperwork said to bring everything back to the court, the lady I talked to on the pone said to bring it back to the court, and of course, the Sheriff’s Department said to bring it back to the court… The only people who said to take it elsewhere, was the court… And that was after standing in line for an two hours. So glad I woke up all early to make it to the Sheriff’s department and stand in a crowded hot room full of angry people, I’m talking a 10×10 room full of maybe 20 people or so. And most of them were unhappy…

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Worst Multiple Sclerosis Symtom Ever!

The worst MS multiple sclerosis symptom ever

The holidays are here and that means any time you go out and about you are sure to see some cute little couple holding hands and keeping close together to keep warm. So for us singles out there that means one thing: loneliness. Yeah, yeah, I know, I complain about it a lot but I can’t help it. As a result of my loneliness I signed up for Zoosk, that online dating site, well, it was kind of an accident. Let’s just say you should always be sure that your credit card information is not saved anywhere online because all it takes is one click! Anyways, Zoosk sucks. It’s a joke. It’s a waste of time. 95% of the people signed up don’t actually have a subscription so you can’t talk to anyone! This makes the loneliness even more frustrating! You find someone really interesting and you can’t even talk to them. I would never, ever, ever recommend Zoosk to any of my friends!

But, I was browsing around and I finally got a reply last night… She seemed like a pretty cool girl, we had a lot of similar interests and hobbies so that was cool. We started talking via email and then I made a mistake. I forgot to delete my signature before I clicked send… My signature contains a link to my MS blog… This blog… So of course I had to explain that it was unintentional and that “I had an autoimmune disease but it’s no big deal” (lie). She sent me back a short reply and after that she stopped responding. So I have a new symptom to add to the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms list,

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Doing OK For The Holidays


Tomorrow is thanksgiving for those of us who celebrate it and I was kind of worried I would still be in really bad shape. But I am happy to inform that I am doing better! I still am about 80% but well enough to get around and not be miserable, yay! I feel like I am over my cold but the sniffles still linger of course which brings about the annoying coughs as well… I won’t complain though, after what I just went through I am happy to be where I am now. Best part is I can type at a decent pace again! The laptop keys still frustrate me but I have an external keyboard with a huge amount of feedback in the keys so all is well. I started working on my novel again last night and despite some extremely frustrating formatting issues I would say it felt pretty good. I really want to finish this sucker and start working on one of the new projects I am thinking up.

Finally went back to class yesterday, I guess I didn’t miss much. Just need to pick up a doctors note to excuse my absences for the last two weeks or how ever long it was that I was absent. I can drive again as well, forgot to mention that. So I’ll be heading out to my buddies house in Pomona this evening, to stay the night. Then tomorrow Ill head from there about 20 minutes down the freeway to my grandparents house where everyone is meeting for thanksgiving. If all goes according to plan I should be able to avoid most the traffic since it will be horrendous on account of the predicted rainfall for tomorrow. Kind of working on my own holiday traditions now anyways and I want to be able to spend it or some of it with  the one friend I got.

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The Steroids Worked, That is For Sure…

multiple sclerosis ms finger pain hands

Well I have not been blogging for a couple of days and that is for good reason… I got so sick! Granted it was just a cold but it hit me hard and that is probably because the steroids wiped out my immune system. So here’s a bit of irony for you, I was having a flareup so I had the steroids to help clear my symptoms, as a result, my immune system was compromised and I got sick. Getting sick stressed my body out causing my symptoms to flare up again… So now I am worse than when I began! Great! Just my luck! I wasted all this time and missed all this class for nothing! This has been a horrible week for me…

So just when my symptoms were clearing up they all flared back up thanks to my cold. In fact, I have more symptoms than I started with and they are more severe than the first ones. My balance is horrible, my coordination is horrible, my legs move funny, my hands and arms move funny, my fingers move funny, my vision is a tad fuzzy, my taste went back out, my depth perception is off, my speech started slurring, my cognitive strength plummeted, and to top it all off I had some pain to deal with… My arms felt like when you slam your palm against the concrete… I also had very sharp shooting pains in my legs and the tips of my fingers. All this from a cold! Last night was the worst but today is not so bad as far as the pain goes. My speech is still slurring and I’m still not all there in the head but I’m not as lost as I was last night, trying to find words or concepts to express myself properly. I hate that so much, More than anything… Except the hug, that was pretty bad.

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