Going Back To Work With Multiple Sclerosis? Hopefully!

job working with ms multiple sclerosis career

Well, I may have mentioned before but tomorrow I have a job interview! I am really excited as I have been out of work way to long now… More exciting then possibly having a steady income again, being able to support myself, and officially start my life over from scratch is the fact that if I do get this job I will finally have a sense of actual responsibility in this world again. Sure, it’s nothing serious, a retail job is a retail job, but when it comes to living with something like MS that can take your ability to work away, that daily routine job suddenly seems like a huge source of a sense of accomplishment along with some self-worth that may not have been noticed before the onset of MS in such a “grunt” job as some would call it. Will returning to work after over a year of disability preceded by another of unemployment be difficult? You bet. DO I look forward to it? No doubtingly.

Though I can’t lie… I am very nervous of working with my symptoms… I am in no better shape now than I was during certain points of my “disability benefit days”… My hands are still weak, my fine motor skills are still pretty shot, my vision still comes and goes, I still fight fatigue, and my balance is still not the greatest… Only difference is not I don’t care. Now I just want to work. I am so sick of collecting welfare and hoping that a check will possibly come in the mail. I want to work. I want to work. I want to work. I want to earn my own money and earn my own life. I don’t want to live stuck in the house, I am too young for that, I just can’t do it without going insane!

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