Been Noticing More Twitching Lately – NEW Blog

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Well the title pretty much nails it, I have been noting a lot more twitching lately. It’s completely random, feels like I am being poked with something causing certain muscles to flex and jump. I have been noticing it in my neck, my cheek, my chest, my fingers, and my leg. That’s all just off the top of my head of course, I’m sure I have felt it in other places here and there but it’s just as annoying no matter where it is because of the jumping. I’m sure if it happened while I was around someone they would be like “what the heck” if they noticed it. Other than that I have not noticed much else new, I mean, my vision has been a tad more fuzzy than usual but I think I mentioned that before… Having the hardest time waking up which may or may not be due to the intense depression I have been fighting lately…

Anyways, today I decided to start a new blog:

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