My Current MS Cocktail of Supplements

multiple sclerosis ms supplements medication   I was sorting out my meds for the week when I realized I have not gone over what I am currently taking for a while. The answer is simple: not much… I have been off copaxone for a few months as I wanted to see if I would feel any different. I know it’s a long term preventative medication but at one point while I was on it I had two major flare ups separated by just a few weeks right before I stopped taking it. Since I have stopped I have had no flare ups so we will see how that maintains. I have also stopped taking almost all pharmaceuticals with the exception of my anti depressant Celexa (Citalopram) and occasionally Clonazepam (Klonopin) as needed. Everything else I take are all supplements. Now I have heard convincing arguments both for and against the use of supplements but I have not researched it enough to have my own opinion but I have yet to come across a reason why I should stop taking any of them so for now I’ll continue my current “regimen”. As you can see above, I am not taking too much… Here is my daily intake:
  • Celexa – 20mg
  • Fish Oil/Omega 3 – 1,000mg/300mg
  • Lecithin – 400mg
  • Vitamin D – 4,000 I.U.
  • Vitamin C – 500mg
  • Calcium – 600mg
  • B-12 – 1,000mcg

And that’s it! Is this a good regimen? Not so sure anymore. Is it it a complete regimen? Definitely not! I eventually need to rebuild my cocktail and fine tune it all together but for now this is what I have and this is what I’m taking. I definitely need something new for memory function but I ran out of that a while back… Expensive haha… Hopefully I can get everything together before I relapse again and I REALLY hope that I can work my way back onto the LDN so I can start taking it long term… I’m just nervous that I’ll have another reaction to it since I have such a high dose. We shall see. Anyways, that’s it for now, take care!

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