A Few Symptoms I always Forget to Mention

Multiple Sclerosis MS head pain needle

I was sitting down the other day, bored, and I experienced something that happens to me every once in a while. I realized that I had never mentioned it here on my blog before or at least not that I remember so I wrote it down on a sticky not before I forgot. Then that symptom reminded me of something else and then something else again! So I just wanted to throw this all out there in case anyone else has ever experienced this before as I always forget to mention it to my doctors and I am not sure if it is MS related or not. Might be good to figure this stuff out though!

First let’s start with the weird one… At random I will get a really sharp pain in my temple. Usually on the right side but sometimes on the left. It feels like something the thickness of a pencil is being driven into my head and it lasts for a few seconds before going away. This happens sometimes a couple times a month or just once every few months. I never really kept track of it because it’s so quick I just tend to forget about it. I have had this a few years before I was diagnosed with MS by the way.

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