Been Noticing More Twitching Lately – NEW Blog

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Well the title pretty much nails it, I have been noting a lot more twitching lately. It’s completely random, feels like I am being poked with something causing certain muscles to flex and jump. I have been noticing it in my neck, my cheek, my chest, my fingers, and my leg. That’s all just off the top of my head of course, I’m sure I have felt it in other places here and there but it’s just as annoying no matter where it is because of the jumping. I’m sure if it happened while I was around someone they would be like “what the heck” if they noticed it. Other than that I have not noticed much else new, I mean, my vision has been a tad more fuzzy than usual but I think I mentioned that before… Having the hardest time waking up which may or may not be due to the intense depression I have been fighting lately…

Anyways, today I decided to start a new blog:

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My Current MS Cocktail of Supplements

multiple sclerosis ms supplements medication   I was sorting out my meds for the week when I realized I have not gone over what I am currently taking for a while. The answer is simple: not much… I have been off copaxone for a few months as I wanted to see if I would feel any different. I know it’s a long term preventative medication but at one point while I was on it I had two major flare ups separated by just a few weeks right before I stopped taking it. Since I have stopped I have had no flare ups so we will see how that maintains. I have also stopped taking almost all pharmaceuticals with the exception of my anti depressant Celexa (Citalopram) and occasionally Clonazepam (Klonopin) as needed. Everything else I take are all supplements. Now I have heard convincing arguments both for and against the use of supplements but I have not researched it enough to have my own opinion but I have yet to come across a reason why I should stop taking any of them so for now I’ll continue my current “regimen”. As you can see above, I am not taking too much… Here is my daily intake:
  • Celexa – 20mg
  • Fish Oil/Omega 3 – 1,000mg/300mg
  • Lecithin – 400mg
  • Vitamin D – 4,000 I.U.
  • Vitamin C – 500mg
  • Calcium – 600mg
  • B-12 – 1,000mcg

And that’s it! Is this a good regimen? Not so sure anymore. Is it it a complete regimen? Definitely not! I eventually need to rebuild my cocktail and fine tune it all together but for now this is what I have and this is what I’m taking. I definitely need something new for memory function but I ran out of that a while back… Expensive haha… Hopefully I can get everything together before I relapse again and I REALLY hope that I can work my way back onto the LDN so I can start taking it long term… I’m just nervous that I’ll have another reaction to it since I have such a high dose. We shall see. Anyways, that’s it for now, take care!

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Thankyou MS for Reminding Me That My Fine Motor Skills Suck.

multiple sclerosis ms medication pills drugs

A couple things I want to talk about today but first let me explain the above picture. So on my last post I mentioned I had an issue with my last job interview that left me rather unhappy. Apparently the computer scheduled an interview for me when it was not supposed to or at least that’s what the lady told me. So I showed up ready to go and there was no one there (apparently) to interview me. I was told that the managers would be going through applications to choose candidates this week for a seasonal position and I should hear back from them soon. I have a friend who works for Sears (which is where I had the interview) and he told me that the interview process does not work that way, that the computer chooses the interviews to schedule and then the managers choose from that group. So I got ripped off if you ask me. Why? Not sure, but I probably won’t disclose my MS on my next application. Anyways, I missed another interview due to my phone that decided to tell me I missed a call and had a new voice mail about 3 days after it was actually left. Thanks AT&T! So I have not been in a good mood. I have 90 cents in the bank and I am tired of not moving anywhere in life. So I decided to re-apply to become a contributor on a stock photography website and I finally got in with them with this image. So hopefully once the upload process is done I can start making a few bucks here and there shooting some stock images.

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A Few Symptoms I always Forget to Mention

Multiple Sclerosis MS head pain needle

I was sitting down the other day, bored, and I experienced something that happens to me every once in a while. I realized that I had never mentioned it here on my blog before or at least not that I remember so I wrote it down on a sticky not before I forgot. Then that symptom reminded me of something else and then something else again! So I just wanted to throw this all out there in case anyone else has ever experienced this before as I always forget to mention it to my doctors and I am not sure if it is MS related or not. Might be good to figure this stuff out though!

First let’s start with the weird one… At random I will get a really sharp pain in my temple. Usually on the right side but sometimes on the left. It feels like something the thickness of a pencil is being driven into my head and it lasts for a few seconds before going away. This happens sometimes a couple times a month or just once every few months. I never really kept track of it because it’s so quick I just tend to forget about it. I have had this a few years before I was diagnosed with MS by the way.

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