Help Me Get Rid Of All These Shirts!

ms is bs multiple sclerosis shirt

Haha so, at first it seemed like lots of people were interested in a simple MS IS BS T-Shirt but I did not get the response I was expecting, AT ALL. SO, I cut the price in half and now I am just trying to make SOME of my money back because there are much more important things I need to pay off haha, being broke is not fun 🙁

ms is bs t-shirt shirt multiple sclerosisAnyways, you can find them on the store tab up top or by clicking my picture on this posting to your right!

I will ship anywhere and do what ever I can to get you the lowest rate possible’ if your are ordering multiple shirts please email me first because I may be able to ship for cheaper then what the calculator is going to tell you.

Thanks all! Look forward to seeing your pix of you in your new MS IS BS T-shirt haha!

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