Got outside today! So far HEAT has not effected me…

ms multiple sclerosis jeep offroading mountains

Well got outside today that’s for sure! Took a drive up an old access road to Idylwild with my friend Phill in his old Jeep. It was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit at the bottom of the mountain and not too much cooler at the top (technically speaking) but it felt like day and night. Between the wind and the Forrest trees it was nice and cool up there! Surprisingly despite the heat I am not blind! Well not yet…

I kind of feel like the heat does not effect me as poorly if I am out having fun, being adventurous, and getting outdoors. Oh and by outdoors I am talking about a little bit further and higher than my front doorstep. Maybe it’s the fresh air, the elevation, the feeling that I have left all my stress behind? I don’t know… I just love it and yeah, yeah, yeah, I know some people think that high elevation is bad for MS but there are so many theories out there it’s not even funny… Going outside will give you MS, staying inside will give you MS, this will, and that will. What ever… I think it’s best to just do what makes you feel good and at this point I am ready to move up to the mountains. Get some nature in my life, some seasons, some SNOW! Maybe even a sense of community? Haha who knows!

First I need a new truck… Well that’s it for now, so tired! Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Got outside today! So far HEAT has not effected me…

  • September 20, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    dude, my bf and I were in Idllywild this weekend! Small world! The winding roads give a bit of motion sickness, but it was nice to get out of the freaking heat inland empire heat.
    I always think that in another universe, you live in colorado and are a snow board instructor! haha

  • September 20, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    Lol small world indeed! Haha motion sickness? Dont ever take the access road up there then. Its a one way dirt road, bumpy, edge of cliff, supre winding, animal, rocks, etc. Lol it used to be the only road up there in the early 1900's and the way it worked is at a certain time you can go up and at a certain time you can go down because the road is only wide enough for one car. It was insane but we dig that kind of stuff lol but if you get motion sickness you would DIE going that way lol!

    And I would love to live in that alternative universe, I am OK at snowboarding, at least in hi school I was, idk about now! lol!


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