Feeling Better but No Appetite, Attitude Power!

ms multiple sclerosis diet soda

Well I don’t know what did the trick but I have been taking my vitamins, taking my happy pills, getting out more with some friends, moving around more, etc, etc and now I am feeling much better. I have been sleeping  a BIT better, I am not waking up all achy, I have not been as depressed, and I don’t feel as fatigued. I still feel  kind of irritable but not as bad… So I am trying to keep this phase going as long as possible so I can focus more energy on getting my wedding photography off the ground because I am ready to start supporting myself again! SO SICK of being broke!

So once again, I am going to mention one of my prime beliefs in fighting MS. Attitude. Getting out and being social has made me feel better on the inside and as a result I believe I am doing better on the outside. I feel more pumped up to get up in the morning (well I still sleep in a bit haha) and feel more energetic during the day, almost restless, because I want to get out and do something! I love the outdoors so having been able to get out into the mountains and what not lately has really helped me release some stress. All this is molding my attitude from a lump of pessimistic clay into a sculpture of optimism once more.

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