Foot Issue not MS Related After All!

multiple sclerosis pain numbness ms

So I finally got into the doctors yesterday, the bump on my foot was just killing me! Since I had nothing better to do I figured I would finally knock it out of the way. Went to urgent care and was in and out pretty quick or maybe it just seamed that way because I dedicated my entire day yesterday to finishing a novel I have slowly been reading for the last two months. Spent hours and hours trying to finish it and I did. Anyways the doctor came in, she looked at my foot, and instantly was like “this is a planter wart”. Haha wow, I can’t believe I didn’t recognize what it was! I had warts on my hands growing up in hi school and I had them bad so I should have known!

She busted out the good ol’ liquid nitrogen and for a while my foot felt like there was nothing there. Today of course the pain is back but I just bought some duct tape which is supposed to help kill the wart by robbing it of oxygen. So now it makes sense why cutting off that bump twice on my own didnt do anything. With a planter wart the root grows deep into your foot rather then producing a large bump above the skin. You can remove the bump but the bulk of the wart is actually under the surface of your foot causing more pain than most warts. So like a weed in your yard you have to kill the root or else it will just keep growing back. If this is anything like the warts I had in hi school the one burst of liquid nitrogen will not be enough. I had gone in several times and had constantly been using over the counter products before they finally decided they had to burn them all off which was extremely painful as they were all mostly on the joints of my fingers so the healing process was not so fun!

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