Happy Belated Birthday Multiple Sclerosis

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I wanted to post this yesterday but I was not feeling so well and slept most the day away. Exactly one year ago YESTERDAY, I started experiencing my first MS symptoms, a numbness in my right foot that rapidly spread up the right side of my body as a slight paralyses made its way up my left side. Over the next couple weeks my symptoms exploded into a variety of everything from blindness to loss of taste, even hiccups for days on end! I was in a wheel chair and could barely stay awake do to my sever fatigue. Of course this is a very general description of what I went through but you can read the full story in detail by clicking HERE.

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Still Slacking on the Blog but Trying to Keep it Positive!

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I know, I know, I have STILL been slacking  on my blog! What’s wrong with me?!?!? Well I’ll tell you. Depression is a horrible, horrible thing isn’t it? You can’t think straight, you become irrational, the stupidest things make you want to brake down and cry yourself into a state of deadly dehydration, it makes you want to sleep all day, you can’t function or work as well as you should, you loose sense of your priorities, and the world looses all of it’s color. Although that last one could be a vision issue, might want to check that out.

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