Hope you and your feet are not Squeamish!

multiple sclerosis pain numbness

So before I get to the good stuff let me apologize for my lack of blogging… Again… There just has been nothing to talk about! I want to get back to writing some more “educational” stuff but the 105 degree weather here in SoCal has just been draining me… I have been so fatigued lately and just sleeping all day… Anyways, the good stuff. About a month ago (or around that long ago) when I had my really bad relapse I guess my foot went a little numb without me realizing it. During that time I guess I stepped on something that decided to stick around. I didn’t realize this till after my exacerbation had cleared up and I started feeling a sharp pain in my foot. When I checked it out I had a very distinct bump on my foot like there was something under my skin. I thought I had somehow stepped on a small rock or something because it was about the size of a small pebbel and even though I had not been outside it just felt like that was what was under my skin since the bump was so firm. This is one of the many reasons I don’t like walking around barefooted…

So at first I paid little attention to this as it only hurt when I walked on it and since I am rarely out and about and mostly spending my time in bed or sitting on a chair I usually just forgot about it. Plus I figured my body would absorb or push out what ever it was that was stuck in my foot, no big deal. But over the weeks the pain just got worse and worse so finally I decided I was going to cut it out myself. I didn’t want to go to the doctor and pay money to have him refer me to someone else to cut it out and charge me more cash when it looked like what ever it was wasn’t that deep. I have cut out pretty thick, deep splinters of wood and metal many times before and this, this thing was way closer to the surface then the other things I have dealt with in the past. Plus I used to have these special razor blades for a box cutter that I used to use when I sold motorcycle parts and they were so sharp that I had on several occasions accidentally cut a ruler in half when trying to cut in a straight line. Unfortunately I could not find them… So I got a regular razor blade, extras sharp tweezers, gauze, a band aid, and plenty of alcohol to disinfect everything.

As I cut into my food removing layers at a time (since the blade was not sharp enough to cut straight down into the thick callus of my heel) I was expecting to eventually feel my razor blade rub against something hard but… I didn’t… I had removed the entire bump and even created a small “crater” and there was nothing there… I could now see that instead of a dark object under my skin there was a light, yellow, discolored spot… I tried cutting into it but the the razor was not sharp enough to slice through the delicate part of this unprotected skin. I now was under the impression that there was nothing under my more delicate, sensitive, skin… But one thing was clear: no rock… More than likely I had stepped on something sharp and since I was on high amounts of immune system suppressing steroids it had probably grown infected especially since I never noticed I had punctured my foot so I never cleaned and disinfected it.

So I wrapped it up and figured maybe since I had cut off the bump and exposed the sensitive part of my skin that maybe my body would clear up the infection while it repaired the area. My foot sure did hurt a lot less when walking around now! But a couple of weeks later things were back the way they were. Big bump and lots of pain. It was getting unbearable actually… I just so happened to have bumped into my case of razors that I was talking about earlier so I decided “OK, one more time” as I really didn’t want to spend the money. Got everything ready and opened the case of razors…. Empty… What the heck…. I was in so much pain I decided “screw it, this has to end”. So I got the crappy razor back out and cut away again. This time when the bump was flat and I could see the yellow spot on my foot I began cutting into it using a “sawing” motion since the tip was not very thin or quite sharp enough to puncture well.  It worked, I got deeper and deeper expecting some kind of nasty puss to spew but instead it was just blood…

What the heck again! This made no sense! So again I wrapped it up and since have been applying an antibiotic cream and taping a folded square of gauze to keep it covered and cushioned which helps the pain a bit when walking but once again its becoming unbearable. If I take a couple Norcos the pain actually goes away but since I have not taken Norcos for a while it makes me a tad loopy or just flat out tired. So now I have to make an appointment to get this taken care of because it’s been going on for far too long and I need to figure out what the heck this mystery bump is and get it removed so I can walk like a “normal person” again.

So yeah, this has been an interesting experience, can’t believe I keep forgetting to talk about it but like I said, when your sitting down all day these things slip your mind especially with the cog fog I have been living with… So even though I have done stuff like this many times before with much success, I think in this situation, i should have just gone in as soon as I could have after the first attempt… Now I’m in a crappy position because my mom is back in school full time and my dad is always working so I don’t have many opportunities to get int the doctors. Ill have to schedule something for Tuesday or Thursday since that’s when I have class and a vehicle. Please, if you find yourself in this position, don’t try any of the above at home, just got to the doctor haha!

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  1. brad says:

    I know i shouldn't laugh but it just seems to be a typical guy thing to me . before i was put on disability i was a millwright so metal splinters were a regular occurrence and even though i am canadian and have free health care i would take maters into my own hands—had a sliver under my nail and in the process i had managed to get a buck knife stuck under my thumb nail—(couldnt have been to stuck just didnt want to rip my nail and meat out when i pulled it out) long story short —the doctor says to me "you have no idea how many men come in in your predicament" lesson learned? i think not

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Hahaha I know, it is a typical guy thing. I am sure I needed stitches a couple times but what can stitches do that electrical tape can't haha… JK… But yeah thaaaat's meee…. haha.

  3. I've been known to use surgical tape to close a wound, and I"m a woman.

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    Lol good, that confirms by belief that men and woman are crazy alike! YAY! EQUALITY! I wish I had surgical tape though, probably better than using electrical or masking tape hahaha.

  5. foot doctor says:

    Consult to learn about your condition. There are various treatment available.

  6. Matt Allen G says:

    None of them worked, had the same issue with my hands, had to burn them off and in this case cut it out :^b

  7. Kit Kat says:

    Did you ever find out what it was. Sorry just curious I think I may have the same thing on my right foot 🙁

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