Happy Belated Birthday Multiple Sclerosis

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I wanted to post this yesterday but I was not feeling so well and slept most the day away. Exactly one year ago YESTERDAY, I started experiencing my first MS symptoms, a numbness in my right foot that rapidly spread up the right side of my body as a slight paralyses made its way up my left side. Over the next couple weeks my symptoms exploded into a variety of everything from blindness to loss of taste, even hiccups for days on end! I was in a wheel chair and could barely stay awake do to my sever fatigue. Of course this is a very general description of what I went through but you can read the full story in detail by clicking HERE.

I dreamt of this day for a long time. I imagined myself being in great shape standing on top of the world having conquered MS but unfortunately that is not the case. My hands are numb, my balance sucks, I’m still haunted by fatigue, my vision is still fuzzy, I still experience itching attacks, I feel week, I have lost lots of weight, I’m just not in the best of shape PERIOD. Of course, most of you now that I even just got over an exacerbation… That’s 2 in one year. Not what I was hoping for. How is it that after all the pills and needles my doctors gave me to put into my body I am in hardly any better position than I was before? I saved every single pill bottle that was prescribed to me over the course of this year. Look at them all! All that medication was ingested into my body in just one year. That doesn’t include all the supplements or the medication that I have still not finished off. Insane…
“Most people in this country expect to be cured by a pill and have a cure that is almost instantaneous. With the low fat diet, the person actually has to work and has to cure themselves.” – Dr. Swank
Now I am not submitting an opinion about diet with this quote, I am submitting to you the fact that I really don’t think the answer to curing one’s health is in a pill, I think it’s up to US to cure ourselves or to at least increase the quality of our lives. After my first exacerbation I started pushing myself to go on hikes and be social, be active, travel, and I felt GREAT! In the last few months (or longer, I’m not sure) I have been anti-social, been locked up in the house, I have not been moving, and I feel like CRAP! Now is that a result of taking different medications? Only difference there is that now I’m taking more! Diet? I was eating anything and everything back then! Now I am a little more cautious about what I eat and still I feel worse. So I think a lot of it has to do with attitude. Back than my attitude was great, now it’s terrible… I have had a very negative outlook on life… I have been thinking about that concept a lot lately and I really do believe that once I start school and start being active again that I’ll start feeling better. I’m not saying that it takes being social and active to feel better I am saying that if you are happy and positive that it will open the door to letting you better your health where if your negative and depressed it firmly keeps that door shut. Maybe I’m crazy but in about two months we will find out! 

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(POST MS DIAGNOSIS: Balancing on 2 wheels!)

Just like the possibility that MS is caused by multiple factors I believe that the treatment of MS is multifactorial as well. I am hoping that in a few months my LDN will kick in along with my anti-depressants, my diet will be better, my mood will be more positive, I’ll physically be more active, I’ll have new friends, I will have found things to do that I enjoy doing with other people, and most importantly, I will have a feeling of self accomplishment. I imagine that fighting Multiple Sclerosis will be much easier with all these changed factors so I really can’t wait.
Oh yeah, one more thing, I don’t know if I have any faith in Copaxone or any other disease modifying medications for MS anymore but I’ll probably keep taking the Copaxone alongside my LDN but I do know one thing is for sure, I want to cut the prescription medications way down for this new year. I’m 21 years old and in one year I have gone through more pill bottles than most people my age go through in a decade, that’ can’t be healthy… Well, time to start the new year by doing a load of laundry so thanks for reading!
ms multiple sclerosis living with

(POST MS DIAGNOSIS: One of the largest free standing rocks in either California, or the US, or something crazy like that. Some guy actually built a house under it. I need to refresh my history because I can’t remember any of the numbers but it was a fun trip.)

ms multiple sclerosis living with
(POST MS DIAGNOSIS: Climb out onto a log, you can’t see it, but I was about 15 feet above a waterfall that dropped another 10 feet or so. Couldn’t do that now!)

ms multiple sclerosis living with

(POST MS DIAGNOSIS: Just enjoying my regained strength.)

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  1. Yeah Matt – positive attitude, healthy lifestyle (exercise and good nutrition)that won't cure MS, but you'll feel happier. I made muffins today with lots of healthy things in them (and sugar). I'm taking them to my MS group meeting tomorrow and I feel really good about it – haven't even tasted a muffin yet, but they smell delish!

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Lol man, muffins sound so good right now! I bet they will be delicious! Haha but your right, feeling good about yourself is healing in itself for many things!

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