Hope you and your feet are not Squeamish!

multiple sclerosis pain numbness

So before I get to the good stuff let me apologize for my lack of blogging… Again… There just has been nothing to talk about! I want to get back to writing some more “educational” stuff but the 105 degree weather here in SoCal has just been draining me… I have been so fatigued lately and just sleeping all day… Anyways, the good stuff. About a month ago (or around that long ago) when I had my really bad relapse I guess my foot went a little numb without me realizing it. During that time I guess I stepped on something that decided to stick around. I didn’t realize this till after my exacerbation had cleared up and I started feeling a sharp pain in my foot. When I checked it out I had a very distinct bump on my foot like there was something under my skin. I thought I had somehow stepped on a small rock or something because it was about the size of a small pebbel and even though I had not been outside it just felt like that was what was under my skin since the bump was so firm. This is one of the many reasons I don’t like walking around barefooted…

So at first I paid little attention to this as it only hurt when I walked on it and since I am rarely out and about and mostly spending my time in bed or sitting on a chair I usually just forgot about it. Plus I figured my body would absorb or push out what ever it was that was stuck in my foot, no big deal. But over the weeks the pain just got worse and worse so finally I decided I was going to cut it out myself. I didn’t want to go to the doctor and pay money to have him refer me to someone else to cut it out and charge me more cash when it looked like what ever it was wasn’t that deep. I have cut out pretty thick, deep splinters of wood and metal many times before and this, this thing was way closer to the surface then the other things I have dealt with in the past. Plus I used to have these special razor blades for a box cutter that I used to use when I sold motorcycle parts and they were so sharp that I had on several occasions accidentally cut a ruler in half when trying to cut in a straight line. Unfortunately I could not find them… So I got a regular razor blade, extras sharp tweezers, gauze, a band aid, and plenty of alcohol to disinfect everything.

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