Steroids Worked Fast! I Can See Again!

multiple sclerosis ms vision optic neuritis

Well that was in fact the fastest I have ever responded to a steroid treatment and it was only 3 days on the IV! Granted I did start taking 80mg of Prednisone a few days beforehand which probably helped too but even still, my symptoms cleared up in less than 2 weeks and noticeably! No more double vision for me! Things are still a little blurry but my glasses fix that no problem so glad for that, will be doing some portraits later on this evening for some friends, it will be nice to be able to take some pictures and work on them without being blind!

So not much else has been new, I have been really tired lately and oversleeping sure doesn’t help with that… Even with 3 alarms I find myself crawling right back into bed and knocking back out… I really hate this yucky, groggy, feeling that I get all day from oversleeping, I need to start working out. Need to figure out what the heck I am going to do about my diet and than try to start putting some weight back on and building my strength and endurance back up. That should help with my energy levels… But I have lost almost 15 pounds in the last couple weeks… Not good… I hate being skinny!

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