Looks Like I’m Allergic to my new Anti-Depressant

ms multiple sclerosis depression itching

For the last few days I have been dealing with really itchy palms, it’s horrible… Obviously itching them doesn’t help but Benadryl does, one problem, it knocks me out! But what other choice do I have when I am taring my skin apart itching my hands? In fact, last night I even felt it on the top of my feet! So I did some research and pinned it on my citalopram which can cause  itching. Emailed my doctor who actually replied! He told me to stop taking it, wait a week, and email him back… A week? Why do doctors think I have all the time in the world?? My depression was already debilitating and it’s only getting worse especially when dealing with something as stupid as sever itching! It’s the little things that tend to push people over the edge… I NEED to be on something…

Right now I feel like a wreck, I feel miserable… I can’t even pinpoint each symptom, each ache and pain, it feels like they are all just mixing together into one crappy feeling… On top of this I am extremely fatigued and trying to find a job while racing against the clock to pay the bills… I feel worse now then I did before but I can’t get disability help because I LOOK better right now so I MUST be better. So between the stress of my health and the stress of getting a job to pay the bills, I am growing even more depressed… I just want to lay down and die right now because it’s so hard!

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Monkeys in Oregon With MS?

multiple sclerosis ms monkey virus

Someone posted an interesting article in my Facebook MS Group today talking about monkeys and MS. Now I was of course naturally drawn to this article because guys just simply like monkeys, what can I say, they’re awesome! But of course a monkey with MS is a whole separate story… I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was shocking to hear of such a thing but maybe surprising would be the right word. Interesting at the least.

So there have been reports of monkeys in Oregon experiencing paralysis of the limbs since the mid 80’s. At the time they had no idea what was going on so they put the poor little monkeys to sleep. There have been a total of 56 monkeys with this mysterious disease and over the course of each year there are usually about 4 monkeys out of 300 who develop the described symptoms. They now know that this disease is the “monkey equivalent” of Multiple Sclerosis, in fact, they have even shown signs of relapses and remissions! MRI scans show scattered lesions and most intriguing of all, they believe that their disease is triggered by a virus. Which virus you ask? Well samples taken from the spinal cords of several monkeys revealed traces of a Herpes related virus… Now they didn’t mention which one in this article but I’m going to go ahead and guess Epstein Barr… Monkeys who showed no sign of the disease did not have this virus.

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Progress Update: Retiring Progress Update

matts ms multiple sclerosis progress update

First of all I just wanted to point out that I will be writing multiple postings today, I have a couple things I want to write about but I am trying to keep everything organized. So for this posting lets talk about the obvious: My progress! I’m sure that’s exactly why you dedicated yourself to reading this posting in particular! Haha…

So I have not been taking my minocycline at all and what do you know, my nausea is finally gone! My joints are still kind of achy but my skin is no longer tender to the touch and my muscles don’t feel as achy. I think my joints are still hurting a bit because I have been oversleeping and I tend to sleep on my sides weird plus I have not done any kind of exercising or stretching in a long, long, time. Although… I don’t know how to explain the pain in my heels… Either way, I feel a lot better so that’s good.

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